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    Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Carrying on in the grand tradition first started by Elcyion, many moons ago, a list of the great and varied kinships of Laurelin....

    Many will have arrived here from a great distance, travelling together over oceans, rivers and mountains. Others, will perhaps have formed afresh, in these new lands that we find ourselves, ready for adventure.

    So could all who wish to, post their details below.

    The list will be simple, divided into sections for single-race kinships and mixed kinships. If you have a website include it in your post so I can link to it if you want people to visit it. Each kinship in the list will also be linked to the corresponding post in the thread, so you can make your post as informative as you want.

    Dwarf-only kinships

    12 Durin's Folk
    17 Baruk Khazad
    98 Khuzd Belkul
    36 West Orosîr Trade Company

    Elf-only kinships

    88 Glawar en Calidhil
    70 Laiquendi Order
    46 Loth i Lonnath
    87 Nost en ithil
    63 The Kinn-lai
    48 Vanimar

    Hobbit-only kinships

    66 People of the Shire (part of Eldariant Alliance)
    10 The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom

    Man-only kinships

    27 Riders of the Riddermark
    15 The Eagle Guard
    28 The Rohirrim

    Dual-race kinships

    49 Leaves Of Laurelin Elves (mostly)
    59 The Out of Bounders!! Hobbits (but open to others)
    14 The Warband of Imladris Elves and Men

    Mixed kinships

    83 Adventurers of Arda
    21 Balrogs Breakfast
    31 Band of Gypsies
    37 Carne Hosse (russian speaking)
    52 Carpe Diem (finnish speaking)
    38 Cavalieri delle Ere (italian speaking)
    80 Celestial Dawn
    23 E Voronwë
    19 Hispanea (spanish speaking)
    9 I Custodi Della Fiamma di Anor (italian speaking)
    71 Iltaruskon Vartijat (finnish speaking)
    69 Ithilien Illuminated
    70 Laiquendi Order (member of the Eldariant Alliance)
    16 Lux Arcana
    7 Martillos de Númenor (spanish speaking)
    54 Merchant Adventurers
    81 Numenoreans of Fallen Empire (russian speaking)
    13 Radix Lecti
    24 Rangers of the North
    20 Reborn
    84 Riders of Mirkwood
    8 Sanctuary
    25 Shield Brothers
    47 Stars of the Mirrormere
    99 The Children Of Iluvatar
    55 The Free Company
    29 The Grey Guard
    74 The Hummerhorns
    39 The Iron Axes
    90 The Knights Of Eriador
    67 The Lost Companions
    11 The Rangers
    43 The Sentinels
    35 The Silent Minority
    34 The Silver Blades
    18 The Wardens of the White Tree
    91 The Watchers
    6 The Western Alliance
    92 Valayári (greek speaking)
    76 Warriors of Gasteiz (spanish speaking)
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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

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    [URL="http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=164872&TabID=1396631"][COLOR=#00ff00]The Silent Minority[/COLOR][/URL]- Laurelin

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Space holder again
    [URL="http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=164872&TabID=1396631"][COLOR=#00ff00]The Silent Minority[/COLOR][/URL]- Laurelin

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Should be enough
    [URL="http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=164872&TabID=1396631"][COLOR=#00ff00]The Silent Minority[/COLOR][/URL]- Laurelin

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Thank you Berath! *^_^*

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    The Western Alliance. Mixed race. http://thewesternalliance.org



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