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    [CLOSED] United We Stand (UWS) - the other kinship

    Recruitment status: CLOSED

    United We Stand is a rank 10 kinship and has it´s own kinship house(s) in the Bree Homesteads. The kinship is international with it´s player base mainly in Europe.

    At the moment the kinship can thrive upon large amounts of resources. For example the kinship members themselves have put their houses and own kinship houses at the disposal of the kin. We also run weekly events to raise funds for the kinship which subsides our crafting and allows us to fund prizes in our lottery.

    United We Stand kinship members come in all ages, sex and sizes. But of all things there are two very important components that define this kinship.

    1. Friendship
    The kinship was brought to life by three founders. They had been together in a kinship called United Kingdoms and even officers in that kin. Due to many different events, the loss of many good players and friends to other MMO´s and all around discontent with the situation, they decided to leave United Kingdoms and form something new. At this early stage nothing had been really planed or decided and so they found their new interim home in the kinship Wenches & Mead.

    Former officer of United Kingdoms, wannabe computer geek, doesn´t take herself too seriously and seems to have carried on as the wearer of high heels and general "Kin Mother". Otherwise also know as "Wench"

    Fishing master, chaotic and generally the person to blame. Holder of the Wenches & Mead kinship and entrepreneur of great ideas.

    Former officer of United Kingdoms, computer geek, German and Lord of the Rings Classes specialist.

    2. United We Stand (motto)
    The kinship name has been chosen since it fit best and is also the kinship motto. To learn more about this read the Charter.

    The members:
    No kinship can exist without members. The members of a kinship are the biggest asset a kinship has. This and more principles can be read in the Charter.

    Since our members are the most important part of our kinship, we have decided to make everyone equal in rights. This was done by promoting all full members of the kinship to officers. Every member has the right to voice their opinion and put ideas forward to the whole of the member base.

    All of our members are special and have been part of the Lord of the Rings Online since public beta. This means that the experience found within the kinship goes back all the way to 13th of February 2007. This knowledge is used in our everyday kinship events and can be anything beginning with crafting and ending with raiding. Every aspect of the game we can cater with extensiv knowledge and are happy to help newcomers or other players alike.

    How it all began:
    • Move from United Kingdoms to Wenches & Mead
    • Founding of United We Stand (is not the same date as the actually kin we have now )
    • deletion of United We Stand (in order to rename Amazing´s Kinship - which was rank 10)
    • rename of Amazing´s kinship to United We Stand
    • Move of all members to the new in place United We Stand
    ...and we have not looked back since!

    What can we do for you and you for us?

    United We Stand, as the name says - means that we are *all* in this together and *all* of us members decide on what and how.
    Here is an overview of what we can offer:
    • No hidden agenda
    • Monthly open meetings
    • laughs and jokes ingame
    • Website and forums
    • E-mail address at members disposal
    • Wiki - information all around lotro and esp. the classes
    • Raid planner for events (Instances, Meetings and anything else)
    • our own dedicated Team speak 3 server
    • Crafting advice with forum
    • laughs and jokes ingame
    • Weekly free lottery for 10g
    • Kin house with access to a second and many chests with goodies
    • Class and instance coaching
    • Kin auctions (at crafting cost) for all raiding/instance supplies
    • Kin holding space for gear for up and coming alts
    • Regular Class quest runs (no need to grind for skirmish marks!)
    • ...did i mention the laughs and jokes bit? Well just to make sure: Laughs and Jokes ingame on Team Speak and generally a great fun time!
    Now the question is what can you offer? First and foremost, it is you as a person that the kinship wants. The social interaction and just plain fun together, doing anything that comes to mind is what we love doing most!

    If all of this interests you and may fit into your kind of social idea of a kinship - then please do contact us! We are always happy to talk to people ingame / TS and explain what we are about.

    Further information can also be found: uws-lotro.eu
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