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    The Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    Hail Dwerrows of Middle-Earth,

    The Third Dwarrow Ting approaches!
    We will gather on the 17th of this Month at the Tingstead in Ulfhirth Homestead near Thorin's Gates, at seven hours past mid-day ((7 pm servertime)); to discuss dwarrow matters and future events concerning dwarves. I invite all dwarves of all kinships and of every House of The Seven Fathers to attend.
    The kinships of Baruk Khazad, The Stoutbeard Clan and Durin's Folk have pledged their support of the alliance, now we seek others to strengthen the resolve of the khazad mind.

    ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ____

    These are the words written by Lord Hanfur of Durin's Folk, from the Second Dwarrow Ting;

    Second Meeting of the Dwarrow Ting held at the Tingstead in Hughirth 17 May

    The Lord Duinn welcomed those present to this, the second meeting of the Dwarrow Ting.

    Lord Duinn’s Word
    Lord Duinn reminded the Ting of the various ways in which the kinships worked together: through the Khazadgund by which we may speak one with another; Ales Tales and Riddles, held at the Kinhall of Durin’s Folk (but may be rotated) each Thursday at 6 of the clock; the Ting Auction designated to be held at the Tingstead the first Tuesday of the month. Master Tyrgum has put himself forward to assist so that the next Auction will go ahead as usual next month. This concluded the reminders from the First Dwarrow Ting.

    Lord Stiljagr’s Word
    ‘For a long time we've thought of a Hunt! It may have been one of the first events thought of, yet the least planned! We are in need of suggestions and ideas, and perhaps even a fully worked out one.’

    Lord Graindim asked what would be the prey:
    ‘Well, that would be different for every Hunt, I thought.’

    There followed various discussions as to the purpose and nature of such hunts it being Agreed that these will be held monthly to start from a predetermined location. The planning would be done through the Khazadgund and any member may call a hunt.

    Lord Hanfur’s Word
    Hanfur Steelstrike at your service. I have a short word to say. I look around the Ting and see fourteen of my brother dwarves here. Fourteen! I have to say I am disappointed today. When the threat of the Angmarim is at our door, we would rather sup ale than plan our response!'

    Master Gerthor asked if Lord Hanfur was disappointed in those who were present to which he answered: ‘Nay not at all. Here are the ones that care about each other.’

    Lord Hanfur continued: ‘And want to keep Ered Luin free. We must make a date today for the next Ting and stay with that date, so that the next Ting shall be well known and even greater than the first! That is my proposal.

    The Lord Duin responded that the date for the Third Dwarrow Ting would be set for one month from today, on the 17th of that month. This was Agreed.

    Lord Graindim asked that this might be made known to all right away not just to those present.

    Lord Graindim’s Word
    ‘Graindim Dwarrowfare, son of Grundim, son of Grúim Ironhand the Great; At yours, your families, and your good kindred's service. Now, as dwarves, we have heard the stories from when we were little, of glory, and mighty halls. I speak of course, of our dwellings of old; of Khazad-Dûm! Long have the halls been shrouded in darkness, but we will return, and by Durin's Beard, we will see it again in all it's glory. A date is now set. Not this Friday, but the next, the 27th of May, we will embark on another Pilgrimage to Khazad-Dûm! And this, is your invitation, to this pilgrimage.

    At Friday the 27th of May, at seven hours past mid-day ((7 pm servertime)), we will gather outside the Doors of Durin, before embarking on this journey through the mountain, and our halls of old.

    Lord Duin noted that it will be most grand to walk those halls in Pilgimage, to which Lord Graindim responded: ‘Indeed; I have seen them before, and they are most fair. So, come Friday next week, I hope to see many dwarves present for this occasion.'

    Lord Duinn pledged that the Dwarves of Durin’s Folk shall be there.

    Lord Graindim concluded: ‘I believe that is all, from my part. On my behalf, and that of Baruk Khazad, I would be most honoured for each dwarf that is present.’
    ((Those wishing to attend must have completed V2B1))

    Master Tyrgum’s Word
    ‘I have a suggestion, for a tournament between the kins of the Ting, a challenge of arms between the mightiest of Khazad. The kins could challenge amongst themselves to find their own champion. Then, after the tournament, a champion of the ting could be named; that is all. Then it is up to the recruiters to make it interesting'

    Master Hasi observed that the length of beards was too different. If only longbeards were allowed then there would be no pleasure for the shortbeards but to watch. Master Tyrgum responded that we might have tiers for the challenge.

    Master Svalgrim remarked his axe was for orc’s heads not for cutting beards.

    Lord Duinn supposed this of course would be a friendly sparr.

    Lord Stiljagr enquired what the rules might be and suggested that perhaps those contesting might be required to fight with equal equipment.

    Lord Graindim observed that it would be difficult for each kin to select a champion with so much variety among beard lengths.

    Lord Hanfur proposed a handicap system or a team event with each kin selecting its best ten in any combination of fighting class or beard length, each selecting another to fight against.

    Master Hasi opined that we could fight the enemy rather than each other and that a tournament would only lead to conflict. He proposed we go to Dar Narbugud, the lair of evil in Moria. He himself is planning an expedition there in six weeks, enough time too prepare for such an endeavour.

    This being said, The Lord Duinn proposed that discussion of a champion event be postponed to the next Dwarrow Ting. Taking up Master Hasi’s suggestion he proposed that this be planned jointly between kins and discussed in Khazadbund. It would be prudent to cooperate between officers from all kins for such an event.

    Lord Hanfur suggested that as it would take time to organise the proposed date of six weeks hence would not pose a problem.

    The Lord Duinn requested of Master Hasi that he undertook to contact officers from all kins to have a date agreed and planning made for this undertaking, to which Master Hasi replied that he would.

    Master Thorly volunteered his aid if needed.

    Master Hasi remarked that this would be the ultimate battle by which to claim Moria.

    The Lord Duinn asked for any more suggestions fro the Ting.

    Master Kilbere replied: ‘I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to talk for my Kin at this time. It is regretful. I’ve been told by our new Lord that our business is to be kept within the Guard.' (His meaning being the Mithril Guard.)

    This being so, the lord Duinn closed the Third Dwarrow Ting reminding those present of the decisions having been made and the events that had been planned. ‘May Mahal guide you and Mithril find you.’

    By my Hand

    Hanfur Steelsttrike
    Steward to the Lord Duinn

    Those in attendance:

    Lawspeaker: Duinn Drakenbane

    Hasi Baruk Khazad
    Isward Durin’s Folk
    Gerthor Durin’s Folk
    Gorbihn Durin’s Folk
    Graindim Dwarrowfare Baruk Khazad
    Hanfur Durin’s Folk (scribing)
    Khlosi Durin’s Folk
    Kilbere Ironheart Mithril Guard
    Ohelm Durin’s Folk
    Stiljagr Durin’s Folk
    Svalgrim Bergskydd Baruk Khazad
    Thalun Durin’s Folk
    Thoder Durin’s Folk
    Thorly Ironhelm Baruk Khazad
    Tyrgum Durin’s Folk
    Ulgin Baruk Khazad
    Yngald Durin’s Folk
    Hanfur Steelhand, Steward to the Lord Duinn

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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    I'll be there the 17th of June, lord Duinn. I will also present the assault on Dar Narbugud there.

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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hasi_Ironford View Post
    I'll be there the 17th of June, lord Duinn.
    Likewise, I will do my best to be present. While it may not be time yet for another Pilgrimage, I am more likely to give such an announcement during the next Ting, in July.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hasi_Ironford View Post
    I will also present the assault on Dar Narbugud there.
    The prospect of an all-dwarf assault sounds promising. Who needs crowd-control, anyway?
    Graindim Dwarrowfare, Lord of Baruk Khazad;
    Host and guide of the Pilgrimage to Khazad-Dûm.


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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    wow, this sounds awesome! i'll be there... probably
    Trumble, Leader of the [URL="http://www.wotwt.shivtr.com/"]Wardens of the White Tree[/URL], Laurelin


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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    This does indeed sound amazing!

    I'm guessing though that "7 p.m. server time" refers to the old server time, and not the new server time. Might confuse a few of the new faces with that! *^_^*

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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    Quote Originally Posted by Pfeifenkraut View Post
    I'm guessing though that "7 p.m. server time" refers to the old server time, and not the new server time. Might confuse a few of the new faces with that! *^_^*
    Would think so..."old" 7pm servertime would correspond to 3pm servertime "new", no?
    Graindim Dwarrowfare, Lord of Baruk Khazad;
    Host and guide of the Pilgrimage to Khazad-Dûm.


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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    Can't wait! My mistake I had forgotten about the shift in timezones for the servers but yes "old" servertime.

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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    For those wanting to know the conversion, 7 p.m. old-server-time (GMT - Greenwich Mean Time) would be 11 a.m. new-server-time (PST - Pacific Standard Time).

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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    An all-Dwarf adventure down into Dar Narbugud? Crikey that sounds most grand!

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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruthelia View Post
    An all-Dwarf adventure down into Dar Narbugud? Crikey that sounds most grand!
    Aye, and we'll probably be doing some all dwarf Ettenmoors raid, which is even grander!
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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    All dwarf stuff is major fun.
    Absolutely zero classic crowd control.. everythign gets crowd controlled via aggro

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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    Quote Originally Posted by Duinn View Post
    Aye, and we'll probably be doing some all dwarf Ettenmoors raid, which is even grander!
    I'll log warg

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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    Quote Originally Posted by Vumli View Post
    I'll log warg
    Uhh... let's not hope you're the only fly on that dwarven wall
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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    Would that I could join with you, my fellow Dwarves! Perhaps I should roll and Laurelin Dwarf; you folks seem to have an excellent Dwarven community here.

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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    I will surely attend if the gods allow it ((migration problems sadly)) in one form or another.

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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    As requested at the invitiation of Lord Duinn of Durins Folk, West Orosir Trade Company shall attend. We are a small company, and will be represented by the Lord, Drobur Graventongue, son of Dremur Blacklock of the Blacklocks.
    Drobur Graventongue, Caravan-Master of the Mîmshol Trading Company

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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    [CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Duinn Drakenbane of The Lonely Mountain[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][COLOR=blue]Lord of the Kinship of [URL="http://durinsfolk.mmoguildsites.com/"]Durin's Folk[/URL][/COLOR][/CENTER]

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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    [CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Duinn Drakenbane of The Lonely Mountain[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][COLOR=blue]Lord of the Kinship of [URL="http://durinsfolk.mmoguildsites.com/"]Durin's Folk[/URL][/COLOR][/CENTER]

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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    I would personally like to thank everyone for attending, it was quite an awesome gathering of Dwarves and I look forward to next months Ting.
    Again thank you all and I hope you all enjoyed.
    [CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Duinn Drakenbane of The Lonely Mountain[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
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    Re: The Third Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    Third Meeting of the Dwarrow Ting held at the Tingstead in Ulfhirth 17 June

    The Lord Duinn welcomed those present and their kins, and by the power of King Dáin called the third Dwarrow Ting open.

    Uzbad Duinn’s Word:
    Uzbad Duinn reminded the Ting of the regular and forthcoming events, firstly that it has been Agreed that the Dwarrow Ting shall be held on the seventeenth day of each month. Every Thursday are Ales, Tales and Riddles for the benefits of drinking and sharing tales.
    He continued:
    ‘The Dwarrow Auction which was set by the First Dwarrow Ting, is in need of a replacement Auctioneer. If there is any one here willing to become the Auctioneer, please step forth!’
    Thorly Ironhelm Commented that an auctioneer would be a fine and fun thing to do and enquired as to the job description.
    Kilbere Ironheart Opined that he was too old to stand and rabble prices.
    Drobur Graventongue of the West Orosir Trade Company Expressed his willingness to take the role, which honourable offer was gratefully received by Uzbad Duinn.

    Uzbad Duinn continued: ‘Now to other business! I am the Lawspeaker! Those wishing to speak must ask for the Word, to maintain order. The floor to the Dwarrow Ting is now open. We may now discuss and suggest events and such.

    Hasi Ironford’s Word:
    ‘I have several subjects to talk about. Brothers, Alliancemen and visitors from all of middle Earth. I am here to present an event I will be holding in two weeks on a regular basis. It will be called the ‘mountain expedition’. All brothers will be welcome, but also other free peoples.’

    Turulf Grorinul Enquired as to the Aim of this event.

    ‘It will be mostly for elves and dwarves to strengthen our friendship.’

    Thurban of Durin’s Folk Remarked it was wise to honour old alliances with Elves.

    ‘The first expedition will take place in the Blue Mountains. We will start at the foot of the mountains, in Celondim to be more precise.

    Turulf Grorinul Opined he would rather shave his beard than share mountain riches with ‘em longshanks’. He was reminded by Thurban that no-one had mentioned sharing anything.

    ‘Then we will go higher and higher, I will be your guide and tell you things about history of ruins, mountains, and such. If anyone else knows something I haven't mentioned yet, he is free to expand our knowledge as well. We will end in Thorins Gate, in the inn to be precise, and we will teach the elves how we dwarves drink Bomburs Breath!

    Uzbad Duinn Asked if this would be a regular event.

    ‘I am planning on doing all the mountains one by one: Blue mountains, Misties, Eregion ridge to Enedwaith mountains, Dimrill Dale.’

    Thurban Enquired as to which elves we were talking of as there were many different types of elves.

    There followed a general discussion about allowing ‘outsiders’ into the Halls and some disparaging remarks were made. The company was reminded that these were the Free Peoples.

    'I hope this event will change the situation some of the newer lads have with the elves, thinking they're our enemies and such. Those that wish not meet the elves, will have to stay at home and grumble alongside a pint of bitter I fear. Now I think master Thorly has a matter to address, concerning our trip to Dar Narbugud and more!'

    Uzbad Duinnn Enquired of Hasi when he was planning to hold these events.

    'I am still thinking of a day and will let you know very soon. I will send you a mail.’

    Announcements will also be made through the Khazadgund.

    Thorly Ironhelm’s Word:
    ‘First of all, brothers, may I say what a glad sight it is indeed to see so many brothers in one spot! And before I go on I propose a toast! That we all sink an ale to these grand halls and mansions! So will yee all stand brothers. And toast to Thorin, the King under the mountain, and all the good brothers.’

    ‘My first point of discussion be that of the great battles known as raids. There are many battles and many enemies of the dark lord who are to be defeated and the grand kin of Baruk Khazad has come to a point of urgency to organise such grand battles. Yet we need your aid my good brothers.’

    (This prompted a good number of offers from those present.)

    ‘As a kin we can muster many fine axes yet we need more to stem the tide of orc and troll kind. In this case we have opened a channel of communication through the birds of middle earth in order to gain your opinions on our alliance organisation. We are in the process of attracting the attention of other alliances with men and elf... and hobbit, and are in need of your vote on such grand decisions.

    (This prompted some general unkindliness towards the hobbit kind, although humorous in the main.)

    Drobur Graventongue Opined that it would be most unwise to let the other peoples get involved in our affairs.

    ‘Are we able to muster the troops for an all Dwarf raid with your good selves or to ask other kins of man, Elf and so on and so forth? It would be a fine sight to see such a thing on a weekly basis to stem the dark lord’s long reach. Then I hear we are in agreement that if my good kin was to organise such battles then we can rely on yee good selves to join us shoulder to shoulder? Then let it be known!’

    There was a general hubbub regarding the trustworthiness or otherwise of the men-folk, to which Thorly responded:

    ‘Our alliance situation with the tall and shorter ones will still carry on but in the mean time it is good to know we will receive your aid brothers.’

    The hubbub continuing and concerning the events long passed at Erebor that Uzbad Duinn was moved to Restore Order.

    'I believe my message has been heard Lord and we await the written word of the good brothers present.’

    ‘My next point if Lord Duinn would let me go on?’

    Uzbad Duinn confirmed that Thorly still had the Word.

    ‘It has come to my attention that in the ages past that once there were many such orbs known as Palantirs: seeing stones to most who have crossed paths with the Istari. I have been approached by the wizard known as Radagast the Brown, who has instructed me to assemble a group of Mystics known as the Mystics of the third age. My good friend Lord Daain has joined our order, and we are to meet with the wizard to discuss the word of the seeing stones. Aye, Lord Duinn we will be needing all ya aid very soon, for great powers shift in the east and we need to be prepared. But for now I would like yee all to know the Wizards are meeting and the Mystics stand ready to do there bidding. And I hope we have the support of all yee fine axes to support us on our adventures.’

    There being no further questions on this matter, Thorly relinquished the Word.

    Dolgon Ironford’s Word:
    ‘I look around me and see a fine array of dwarves. However, it has come to my attention that we do not have one among us, who is to be called champion. In response to this, I would like to propose a tournament, where we shall decide who is the greatest dwarf amongst us. Of course, with Prizes worthy of Durin himself!’

    This prompted a weighty discussion among the company, for this was a matter that has been aired before, and without resolution.

    ‘Is there none here who are brave enough to prove their worth in battle? I hear much laughter, yet none of you here stand willing to prove yourself in a simple contest'

    Drobur Graventongue asked what was the practicality in fighting amongst dwarves for naught but a title when meanwhile the Dourhands fester in our lands.

    ‘Firebeards! You dare speak their name to me, they would have the courage to fight, why not you?’

    Skathor Bronzebolt Opined that Drobur spoke aright: Gondamon lies between Rath Teraig and Kheledul, and nightly we hear the goblin war-drums pound. Why fight ourselves?

    Opinion was split with many voices for and many also against this idea.

    Uzbad Duinn called to order: ‘The suggestion is valid! Master Dolgon calls for a friendly Tournament or Contest! What say you all?'

    For: Thurban, Gorbihn, Berul (though not in the shape to fight with younger dwarves himself), Thorly, Birgrim

    Against: Drobur, Skathor, Kothrin, Turulf, Ferthalangur, Einok, Hanfur.

    'I give thanks, Lord Duinn for the floor, yet it seems my proposition is met with ill regards, as such I will quit the floor. Those interested may speak to me after.’

    So Drobur relinquished the Word.

    While Master Khirik prepared to take the Word, Uzbad Duinn summarised the business so far: ‘The suggestions made by Hasi and Thorly will be informed via the Khazadgund! And for the other suggestion you are all very well aware of, since they were hotly debated! Reminders, which were mentioned at the opening; Lord Drobar has become our auctioneer; the Auction is for the benefit of all Ting Members and offers low price goods for all; it is to be held the first Tuesday of every month. Ales, Tales & Riddles will be held next Thursday, seven of the clock past midday at the Kinhall of Baruk Khazad (with their permission).

    Khirik of Durin’s Folk’s Word:
    Related to the suggestion for a competition of arms... Perhaps we could compromise. What if we set up a series of skirmishes with the enemy. Units could have an older, wiser member along, to judge the speed and efficiency of the unit in fighting the enemy. That way we judge our arms, don't uselessly fight each other, have a role for those less militantly inclined. And different levels of experience could compete on a scale equal to all, speed/efficiency. I for one don't particularly care to fight my fellows, but I do like to boast that I'm the best shot!'

    Uzbad Duinn suggested that this could be elaborated at the next Ting.

    Turulf Grorinul’s Word:
    ‘A raven came over... bearing news from the East. The fires burn bright in Helegrod again... and the shadow stirs within its walls. We shall depart at once, heading for the Misities. Will any of ye fine Khazad be willing to join us?’

    Many offers of help were received.

    Uzbad Duinn’s Closure
    ‘The next and Fourth Dwarrow Ting will be Held next month, here same place and date and time! So without no further delay, I will begin closing and I call the Third Dwarrow Ting Closed!’

    By my Hand

    Hanfur Steelstrike
    Steward to the Lord Duinn

    Those in attendance:

    Lawspeaker: Duinn Drakenbane

    Berul, Baruk Khazad
    Binabik Binbinqlgabenik Baruk Khazad
    Birgrim Beardbelt, Baruk Khazad
    Daain Stoutbeard, Clan Stoutbeard
    Dazgralin Redbeard, Mithril Guard
    Dolgon Ironford, Baruk Khazad
    Drobur Graventongue, West Orosir Trade Company
    Durvik, Durin’s Folk
    Einok Axebreaker, Baruk Khazad
    Ferthlangur, Durin’s Folk
    Fimbultyr, Durin’s Folk
    Gorbihn, Durin’s Folk
    Greva, Durin’s Folk
    Hanfur Steelstrike, Durin’s Folk
    Hasi Ironford, Baruk Khazad
    Hroik, Baruk Khazad
    Khirik, Durin’s Folk
    Kilbere Ironheart, Mithril Guard
    Kothrin, Durin’s Folk
    Krutor, Baruk Khazad
    Skathor Bronzebolt, Clan Stoutbeard
    Thalun, Durin’s Folk
    Thorly Ironhelm, Baruk Khazad
    Thurban, Durin’s Folk
    Torfur, Baruk Khazad
    Turulf Glorinul, Baruk Khazad
    Vaskr, Clan Stoutbeard
    Xoni, Durin’s Folk
    Yngald, Durin’s Folk
    Yrfin, Durin’s Folk
    Zumafu Stonesmiter, Baruk Khazad
    Mac Player since 2010

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    Re: The Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    To all dwarves! The Fourth Dwarrow Ting will be held tonight! 7pm GMT
    [CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Duinn Drakenbane of The Lonely Mountain[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][COLOR=blue]Lord of the Kinship of [URL="http://durinsfolk.mmoguildsites.com/"]Durin's Folk[/URL][/COLOR][/CENTER]

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    Re: The Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    Pictures from the event. A transcript of the event will follow shortly.
    I would like to thank all who attended and for making it an exciting and fun evening. See you next month.

    Many points were hotly debated

    New events were proposed

    Many Dwarves attended and spoke their mind
    [CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Duinn Drakenbane of The Lonely Mountain[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][COLOR=blue]Lord of the Kinship of [URL="http://durinsfolk.mmoguildsites.com/"]Durin's Folk[/URL][/COLOR][/CENTER]

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    Re: The Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    The gathering of the Ting Dwarfs before the Gates!

    The march towards the Tingstead

    A large group of dwarves is always a magnificent site

    Crossing the Tingstead Bridge
    [CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Duinn Drakenbane of The Lonely Mountain[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][COLOR=blue]Lord of the Kinship of [URL="http://durinsfolk.mmoguildsites.com/"]Durin's Folk[/URL][/COLOR][/CENTER]

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    Re: The Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    The Fourth Dwarrow Ting
    Being a full and unexpurgated account of the Proceedings

    Uzbad Duinn opened the Fourth Dwarrow Ting by welcoming the assembly of dwarves and reminding those present that to speak they should first ask him, as Lawspeaker, for the word.

    Uzbad Duinn's word
    Now! We have the events for reminding, which are; Ales, Tales & Riddles every Thursday and Auction every first Tuesday of every month and the Hunt which can be called for at notice be any member of the Ting within the Khazadgund.

    As for other things which are within the Ting I call now for the firm declaration of a Charter of an Alliance between all our kins to help and secure a prosperous future for out folk! What say the Lords and Representatives of the Kinships here?'

    Lord Garinori signalled his agreement: 'United we stand, divided we shall fall to the shadow that consumes this world.'
    Lord Feldsparr also: 'The Baruk Khazad hold firm the view that alliance should exist between all good and honourable dwarfs.'
    Lord Duinn also: 'Durin's Folk pledges its blood and riches to the Alliance!'
    Thorly of the Mystics of the Third Age concurred: 'I will always be the first to say My doors are always open to those who would wish for aid and support, especially my good brothers in the Blue Mountains and beyond. The Mystics, so sit some of our members tall, are at yee service Lord.'

    Uzbad Duinn continued: 'Then we are united! Are we not?'
    This prompted a general agreement among those present.

    Master Dazgralin of the Mithril Guard rose and spake: 'Master Duinn: as said in the past, we are here as individuals and not reprasentatives of the Mithril Guard, that is, of our Lord...I do not want any offence taken as we have no orders about anything like this!'

    To which, Lord Feldsparr opined: 'The guard has its issues, but they are counted as staunch allies o' my kin!'

    Uzbad Duinn continued: 'Now we will go on to debate and suggestions!'

    Master Khirik asked for as was given the Word.

    Master Khirik's Word
    'I welcome alliance as readily as the next Dwarf, but I, for one, and I may not be the only one, don't really know much about our allies! Might we hear something about who they are, what they stand for, where they fit in?'

    Uzbad Duinn replied, 'Well those are legitimate questions Master Khirik. We have a night of gathering among the Ting members on Thursday to tell tales and share an ale. Does that answer your question?' Master Khirik agreed.

    Master Swarmi's Word
    'Them's as knows me, knows I likes me words, I do. But brief I'll try to be. It seems to me there's a time for talking and listening, and a time for action, and oft listening and talking are best done by many, while action is best done by few. Being that not all those Kins who might wish to sign on to an alliance have their empowered representatives here today it seems to me that one way forward might be to use tonight's occasion to listen to all ideas, and have some scribe take them all down. And to appoint one contact dwarf, tasked with arranging a meeting between one empowered representative per kin, to take place in the time leading up to the next Ting so that....'

    Lord Feldsparr interjected, 'That'd be the lords meeting lad... and we do need at arrange one Duinn'
    Uzbad Duinn agreed.

    Master Swarmi continued, 'At the next Ting, there can be a hammered out document, and leaders applenty to formally swear to it, with no need then for lengthy argumentation, just confirmation that their representatives have done their work true, and to dwarf like standards of quality.'

    Master Swarmi resumed his seat to general approval, Lord Feldsparr applauding Swarmi's common wisdom.

    Uzbad Duinn responded, 'Some of your ideas are in place and some have been neglected, sadly! However, we will seek to further the Ting and improve it and next time we will have a meeting of Lords. So the next Ting which is the 17th of next month will be preceded by a meeting of Lords. Are we in agreement? Any other suggestion?'

    Uzbad Duinn's Word
    'Then on to an announcement In October I plan to hold a grand and very large event and I hope the Lords of the other Kins here will help too. I plan to hold in Thorins Halls; Durin's Day! The Dwarven New Year. Though a bit far off, it may need massive preperations. 'Aye! Fireworks, beer, and of course food. For now though it will be a reminder to all here! And I suggest we begin preparations in late September. Any suggestion regarding the event?'

    Lord Steinogmur asked if by 'we' Duinn meant we were all arranging this, to which Uzbad Duinn replied not. Lord Steinogmur pledged his support.

    Lord Feldsparr asked about, arranged and secure storage for refreshments to which Uzbad Duinn responded that the Festival Arena would be used for storage.

    Master Khirik's Word
    Well, simply, fun and celebration (and beer) are all very good things. But Durin's Day should have, in my opinion, some small element of solemnity. Perhaps we could arrange a Speaking, to tell of some bit of history or lore that would reflect either Durin or his and our values.'

    Uzbad Duinn responded that would be the opening of the event itself.

    Master Augir's Word
    'I agree with Khiriks suggestion, But I also would suggest some friendly games, perhaps a race or a duelling competition. That is all I had to say'

    Lord Feldsparr's Word
    Augir, Khirik ye both make wonderful suggestions and all here are honoured in the listening. But this needs ta be a big celebration, somethin' ta show the other free folks that we dwarfs are truly proud o' our heritage. Rightly so ye say we should have tales. I say we host the tales in the tavern or a quiet spot by the falls and call any who would come to regale us with their own tales too. Indeed, race and endeavour are great, and what better than having all enjoy themselves charging across the snowfields about Thorin's, but we should also have feasting, riddle contests, competitions o' crafting and skill, martial endeavour, artistic exhibition, a concert with all comers welcome ta perform...but what I say is that ALL this should take place and all should be invited and those who gather should be able to choose WHAT they attend. A grand celebration scattered throughout Thorins halls, aye exploiting all the areas of Thorin's grand halls would open up many avenues to different events.'

    This was met with many calls of encouragement. Uzbad Duinn noted it would need the involvement of all the kins here and many hosts to make it happen.'

    Lord Feldsparr continued, pointing at Duinn 'And this dwarf needs to be praised fer suggestin' we try. We are dwarfs and we do NOT do these things small'

    Master Skathor's Word
    'I know of a sage, a mighty keeper of runes of the Blacklock clan. The Blacklocks know much of the Maker. The sage of whom I speak knows many ceremonies, and is highly respected for his wisdom.'

    This idea was welcomed by Uzbad Duinn.

    Master Amarion's Word
    'My Lord is this Ting going to last because my wife realy get angry when I am late and tonight I have to keep an eye on our small dwarfs?'

    Uzbad Duinn gave Master Amarion's leave to depart, adding, 'We will not withold the wrath of your wife!'

    Master Belkhanu's Word
    'Fellow Dwarves, I am Belkhanu called "Butcherblock" of the Baruk Khazad. I have a question which, although I am sure I know the answer to, nevertheless has not been specifically stated. My question is this, these celebrations, are they to be open to all Dwarves? To be actively advertised as being open to all Dwarves? Or is the intent to spread the net even wider and to demonstrate our culture to all?'

    Uzbad Duinn replied that was for us to decide. he asked the Ting, 'Shall it be for all free folk or just us dwarves?'

    Master Swarmi asked, 'What was Durin's attitude to Men and Elves?'
    Lord Feldsparr opined, 'I say all free folk.. it will be shining jewel that must be shared.'
    Lord Gorbihn asserted, 'For all free folk!! Lets show them how dwarves are!'
    Dazgralin added, 'To all i would suggest'
    Duinn agreed, 'I say to all folk as well'
    Master Swarmi said, 'I hear tell that in Durin's day, they held truce with the Elves. I know not of men,' to which Uzbad Duinn replied, 'Let us honour the old Alliances and that of our forebears. Nor will we speak our tongue amongst them'
    Lord Steinogmur suggested, 'We will have to have wine then, and tiny food!'

    Master Augir's Word
    'I´m for honouring old alliances and all that. My concern is how do we organise such a party, with every free hobbit, elf and man free to attend?'
    Uzbad Duinn suggested a structured hierarchy of planners and folk running events at the same time at different locations throughout the evening.'

    Master Khirik's Word
    'Well, I'd first like to suggest that we keep our tales to ourselves. Everything else about the celebrations seems well enough to share. Our lore is ours. It isn't for the beardless.'
    This met with some question. Uzbad Duinn asked that Master Khirik's did not agree to tell of our history, Lord Fedsparr opined that there were dwarf tales aplenty already known to the longshanks and the hobbits and that these do not include the tales of Durin the deathless.
    Master Khirik responded, 'Oh, history is different...but not many seem to agree with our correct version of history, all the time...Well also, I'd like to change the subject just a bit, for just a bit, if I may, and take a moment to recognise one of our own.'
    He continued, pointing out Lord Yngald, 'I'd like to make public, before friends and allies, the quality of Dwarf we have before us, here. Yesterday Lord Yngald Greatheart showed his mettle without reserve. I had a need, and with no thought for himself, at great personal expense I might add, he stepped forth and gave aid. The details are unimportant. What is important is to recognise his gallantry and his adherence to the highest traditions we have.'
    This was met with many cheers and calls of congratulation. Lord Yngald thanked Master Khirik's for his praise. Lord Feldsparr observed it was nice to see we all shared some traditions beyond those set down by our forebears.

    Uzbad Duinn ended this discussion suggesting we postpone the suggestions for Durin's Day for another time noting we had the time and wits of many here to have it running.

    Izbad Hanfur's Word
    'Tis but brief - an announcement. I am organising an expedition, maybe a series of expeditions. The first will be on Tuesday next at 3 after noon. The aim of these is to introduce my fellow dwarves to the nooks and crannies of Middle Earth. I will start with a historical tour of the ruins of the North Downs, east of the Baranduin. We will visit five ruins as well as dropping in on our brothers in Othrikar'
    There was a muttering of why we were starting with human and not dwarf ruins, to which Hanfur replied, 'We know enough of our own lands here in Ered Luin. But the time will come when we need to be prepared to be familiar with places further from home. So there is a deeper purpose to my proposal. If it is a success, I shall further arrange a tour of the wilds of Evendim. But for Tuesday, we shall meet at Esteldin at 3 after the noon.'
    Lord Dazgralin asked if there would be an official announcement posted, to which Izbad Hanfur, thanking him for the reminder, said it would be posted in the usual places and announced to the Khazadgund.'

    Master Skathor's Word
    'Greetings all! The dwarves of Sigin-Tarag are hosting an event, a party, at the town of Needlehole in the Shire. We have no set date, but play for late august. We intend to have three events. We intend to hold a fishing competition, as well as a battle of bards, and a feast with fireworks. There will also be a sparring arena with blunted weapons. Details are being worked on, but we expect a date in late august. We hope to see good attendance, and if all goes well, may hold it monthly. The more the merrier, as the halflings say, and it is true enough.'

    Uzbad Duinn asked that this be announced through Khazadgund to which he agreed.

    Master Khirik's Word
    'Last Ting, there was some discussion of competitions, wherein I floated the idea of competitive skirmishes as a means to cooperate and compete simultaneously. That way, we could hone our skill in war, train in unit efforts, and have real contests, not "games", while also having a competitive element, perhaps with timing the skirmishes, etc. Real prizes could be offered. I was wondering if the lords had time to consider this.'

    Uzbad Duinn noted this was in itself a large undertaking. Izbad Hanfur reminded him that this suggestion had been raised and postponed at each meeting of the Ting so far.

    Uzbad Duinn suggested he might be able to do something if Master Khirik sent him some more detailed proposals.

    Master Swarmi's Word
    'On one hand, you look for events to fill the celebration of Durin's day. And, on the other, Lord Hanful proposes a type of event. I have a vision. Why not set now an objective, such as a team to survive as long as possible at a heavy skirmish on Barrow downs, and let teams sign up for it. But, here's the thing. Allow teams that are purely from a single kin. But ALSO allow teams that have each member from a different kin. Then those who see as motivation of a competitive spirit, have a way, but so do those of a more cooperative path. And may be best dwarves prove out their stance, not in the blood of each other, but in the blood of foul undead.'

    This was met with some debates over the means of organising such an event and of judging the winners, and was greeted with general approval. Master Swarmi asked then if his proposal had the approval of Lords Duinn and Hanfur to which Hanfur replied approval was not his to give. Uzbad Duinn agreed this was a sound suggestion but requiring decision amongst the members here.

    Master Swarmi continued, 'For, if popular, it might surely lead on to more martial contests of the sort Lord Hanfur suggested. But if no proposal is agreed here today, will anything happen in time for October? Do any here object to it?'

    Uzbad Duinnn responded by proposing we have the competition next Ting, however remaining seperate to Durin's Day event. This was generally agreed. Uzbad Duinn concluded by asking both Swarmi and Khirik to send the details to him so it could be properly planned. This was agreed.

    Uzbad Duinn's Word
    Now to the last announcement!' I have been Lawspeaker for Four Tings! It is time for another! Lord Hanfur will remain Scribe and I will remain in reserve if anything shall change'
    Lord Drobur asked for his name to be taken in consideration.
    Master Belkhanu asked if this was not a matter for the Lords to discuss
    Uzbad Duinn suggested that each kin might choose a representative, being and officer of the kin, and then we may vote, he and Hanfur remaining moderators.
    He added, 'But each kin may pick a representative and it may only be an officer of those kins, and then we may vote!'
    Izbad Hanfur suggested that the Laswpeaker should be drawn from a different kin each time it changes, being aware that one kin might overwhelm the number here and sway the vote.
    Uzbad Duinn asked if this was to be a rotation instead, or should he choose a successor instead.
    Izbad Hanfur indicated he preferred the Ting choose from candidates.
    Lord Belkhanu suggested the Lords could discuss a rotation at their meeting before the next Ting.
    Uzbad Duinn was in favour of choosing the candidates now.
    Lord Feldsparr suggested time was needed for proper considerations.
    Lord Belkhanu agreed suggesting a candidate to be put forward from each kinship, the names of the candidates being brought tot the next meeting of the Lords.
    Uzbad Duinn suggested he opened the next Ting and then we would elect.
    There followed some debate about whether the decision should be made by the Ting or the Lords. The arguments for open election were that it opened the election to all, the argument for the Lords choosing a successor centred on not disadvantaging the smaller kins.

    Lord Gorbihn suggested the setting up of a Ting group, one dwarf from each Kin to rotate as Lawspeaker,

    Master Thorly's Word
    'Hail one and all and a very well met. As well yee all know when last I spoke I was one amongst the good brothers of Baruk Khazad, and in heart and soul I still remain a good brother to all the good Dwarves of the fine. And I feel it right and proper to let yee all know that it was a hard decision to branch out on me own. I must say that I am aware that yee all know that me new kin accepts longshanks and Elf into the ranks, but we have also a good number of Dwarven brothers who would wish to come and attend such grand events and Tings.'
    Uzbad Duinn affirmed that the dwarves of Thorly's kin were welcome to attend.
    Thorly continued, 'So I ask that although we are not a full Dwarf kin that our good brothers would be welcomed into such events such as the before mentioned events.'
    Uzbad Duinn repeated his affirmation being clear that his meaning was to dwarves only, as decided by previous Tings.
    Thorly continued, 'Aye I am fully aware of how this proud band works and Dwarves only is vital to our proud history. Aye lord and brothers i thank yee for ya time'

    Uzbad Duinn's Word
    'The things to be remembered will be scribed and noted on the Chroncles. And a meeting of Lords will be arranged for the next Ting where we will decide things and deliberate. By the power of Dáin Ironfoot, I call this; the fourth Dwarrow Ting closed. May Mahal Guide you and Mithril find you'

    In attendance

    Lawspeaker: Duinn Drakenbane

    Aharoin Copperhead, Mithril Guard
    Amarion, Durin's Folk
    Augir, Durin's Folk
    Belkhanu Butcherblock, Baruk Khazad
    Dazgralin Redbeard, Mithril Guard
    Drobur Graventongue, West Orosir Trade Company
    Feldsparr Steelhelm, Baruk Khazad
    Fergrim, Durin's Folk
    Ferthalangur, Durin's Folk
    Garinori, Sigin Tarag
    Gorbihn, Durin's Folk
    Hanfur Steelstrike, Durin's Folk
    Hogbud, Durin's Folk
    Khlosi, Durin's Folk
    Isvaldir, Durin's Folk
    Khirik, Durin's Folk
    Mushmarr Foltherith, Mystics of the Third Age
    Nalgrim Beardbelt, Mystics of the Third Age
    Norgi, Mithril Guard
    Regvard, Durin's Folk
    Skalkeg, Durin's Folk
    Skathor Bronzebolt, Sigin Tarag
    Steinogmur, Baruk Khazad
    Swarmi, Durin's Folk
    Thalun, Durin's Folk
    Thorly Ironhelm, Mystics of the Third Age
    Torstig, Durin's Folk
    Vaskr, Crowhammer, Sigin Tarag
    Yngald, Durin's Folk
    Yrfin, Durin's Folk

    By my Hand
    Hanfur Steelstrike,
    Izbad and Scribe to the Dwarrow Ting
    Mac Player since 2010

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    Re: The Dwarrow Ting (Dwarf only event)

    Hail and well met, to all dwarves of Middle-Earth! The Dwarrow Ting will be held on 17th of Septembur at The Tingstead in Ulfhirth Homesteads! Postponed due to various circumstances. All are welcome to join.

    Duinn Muninn's son
    ((3pm servertime))
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