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    Jun 2011

    EVENT: Horse Racing by Champions Of Middle Earth

    Everyone can join.
    All classes and levels from any kin.

    Any mount can be used.
    No swift,no teleport,no sumoning.

    Racing from outside of Bree South Gate (skirm camp side) up to stable master of Lonelands Forsaken In
    You can use any shorcut way you think that will make u get there first.
    Racing event will be recorded also for youtube by 2 different spectator cameras.

    1st prize - Tier4 relic set full for your weapon/rune and 3gold in cash
    2nd prize - 3gold
    3rd prize - 1gold

    So far 12 contestant in race, pm me here or send tell ingame if you want to join.


    Sunday 5-6-2011 in 14:30 GMT (15:30 CET)

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    Re: EVENT: Horse Racing by Champions Of Middle Earth

    Ok we have done this event and there was about 20 good people of Eriador that take place to race with us. We decided to make this event each night at 21:00CET time until end of June 2011.

    - Rewards are coming from my personal wallet and vault, and idea is just to make people on withywindle more friendly and more into fun stuff to do with each other, so join us please.

    Each day we going to record this event and post on youtube.
    Each day we going to give reward such as - gold, ore, hide and tier relics for LI items.

    Special event in Sunday will get you much better prizes while winner that won most of races will get symbol of celembrior. We are also going to provide a sunday reward of full set of 4 different tier4 relics.

    ++Event cannot be cheated, since we have 1 person looking over start and one looking of middle where people will take a turn and come back to start++

    Tonight even more people will join, we hope to hit 50 people for next races or even more. If nothing, come to see and come to participate in races.

    No special mounts allowed, no teleport, no swift, no stable horse allowed - Only a shortcuts u know and your good riding skill will make u a winner.

    IMS user Zrinko in game if u want to be in this event, event is in Bree - south gate and race is from Bree-forsaken in then turn back and again to bree south gate where the winner is decided.

    Here is little video from last night, future videos will be better, this is just a quick preview.
    Click on 720p for best quality


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    AW: EVENT: Horse Racing by Champions Of Middle Earth

    Ah, that was a nice event which I undoubtedly would have won if I hadnt been so stupid as to ride into deep water^^

    Gonna be there again today.

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    Re: EVENT: Horse Racing by Champions Of Middle Earth

    Hahaha, that was indeed nice man !

    Ok here is video from last night race on which u can even see person above doing swim time in race


    Press 720p for best quality.

    Tonight June 7th 2011 in 21:00 CET (20:00gmt) login and ims me for invite to even bigger horse racing event.

    We might race to Ost Guruth this time.

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    Re: EVENT: Horse Racing by Champions Of Middle Earth

    My 1st day in the kin Zrink and already we're doing stuff like this? Good Job man.
    Loved the race, came so close YET AGAIN, although i should really use a standard mount
    Looking forward to all the forthcoming events

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    Re: EVENT: Horse Racing by Champions Of Middle Earth

    Please check 4th Horse Event from Bree to Ost Guruth and Back

    Click on link below

    Also, today and tomorrow (Friday) we are racing 100 people in SHIRE across hobit land. Join us, send me a message in game or in here to be invited to this amazing events. Even better prize this time.

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    Re: EVENT: Horse Racing by Champions Of Middle Earth

    Just an idea.

    But have a race from Bree to Rivendell. Lower lvl people will be ok as long as they don't stop!

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    Re: EVENT: Horse Racing by Champions Of Middle Earth

    major endurance event suggestion.

    race from the gates of moria to the far side of the bay of forochel, definitely not for the faint hearted.

    team race: bree to rivendell
    team must include a low level character to be protected all the way

    just a few crazy thoughts to build the concept.



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