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    Smile Element Zero - Information and Recruitment

    Element Zero are a very large, multi-game guild with very active groups in games ranging from MMO's, FPS and strategy. We currently have over 300 active members spanning all the games.

    Our YouTube channel:

    In the LOTRO section we are dedicated to end game content, aiming to tackle and overcome the newest raids/instances while still having fun in the process. We are a raid orientated kin but are also very active in PvP, host server wide events on a regular basis and have an excellent reputation across the server.

    Current raid progression is (Updated 09/04/2013):

    Battle for Erebor T2CM - Completed - Server 1st!

    Fires of Smaugh T2CM - Completed

    Flight to the Lonely Mountain T2 - Completed


    Barad Guldur scaled 85, All T2 Challenges completed on open night - Server 1st! /


    Full Orthanc T2 Challenge Mode complete

    Orthanc Lightning T2 + Challenge - Done / Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXlbbXXazkc
    Orthanc Fire And Frost T2 + Challenge - Done / Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ME61...hannel&list=UL
    Orthanc Acid T2 + Challenge - Done / Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzyoa...hannel&list=UL
    Orthanc Shadow T2 + Challenge - Done / Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04Ar28ZjRK8
    Orthanc Saruman T2 + Challenge - Done / Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0y-tsrkFj4&feature=plcp


    Our current raid schedule is as follows:

    Thursday: Erebor T2CM raids
    Saturday: Free Day
    Sunday: Erebor T2CM raids
    Monday: Erebor T2CM raids or OD
    Wednesday: OD all wings
    Our Officers are currently as follows:

    Lob - Guild Leader
    Honvik - Officer/Successor
    Eadreid - Officer
    Nokor - Officer
    Hydo - Officer
    Fraendor - Officer

    If you have any questions about Element Zero, or need to report anything to us, please contact one of the names above.

    Recruitment Status: (Updated 17/06/13)

    Recruitment currently CLOSED

    When recruitment is open, any applicant must be Raid Ready, by this we mean past high level raiding experience, adequate armour, 1st or 2nd age legendary weapon, with legacies and settings of a high standard, all traits at level 14, all legendary traits achieved. The character you are applying with must be your main and have most experience playing it. Your alts will be added to kin also but your main is the one you will primarily be raiding with. On top of this they must be very active. Every raider must be able to attend the Thursday, Sunday, Monday and likely Wednesday raids at the very least. They must be willing to come to the raid fully stocked with Hope, Scrolls and a full set of all pots and foods.

    If you feel you meet this criteria and would like to apply to join us then please go to www.ez-guild.com fill in an application and one of our officers will get in touch with you. Alternatively contact the officer of the class you are applying with direct in game.

    Thankyou for taking the time to read this and good luck in Middle Earth
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