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    Disabled and playing LOTRO

    Recently I was in the moors trying fight in a raid group. I am sorry for raising my voice, I did not think anyone was listening to me. I need the raid assit windows up so that it is easier for me to target foes. I can not use a keyboard like most people, it takes me awhile to even type in the game. I can not even type while doing other things in the game, I have to stop doing everything else. That is why I got headphones so I do not have to type. My hands do not work that well. Please be patient with me. I was born with Spina Bifida, please look it up, that is the main reason why im not good with 1v1 or sparring. Again I am sorry for raising my voice in the raid group. I am not looking for sympathy I am just wanting to let you know I need the assist windows or targets put over toons to sheild wall them.

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    Re: Disabled and playing LOTRO

    Not sure which raid that happened in, I was in two different pugs last night. Raising voice might set someone off, but to be frank about it...well, that happens. PvMP usually gets people pumped up and even nerves on edge. That makes for good reactions, but not for social skills. I know that at some point earlier in the night someone sang out pretty loud in the group I was in and i had to jerk the earphones off from the pain. The reason is that there are some that have their mics on low, so they come out as a whisper. I turn down most of the enviroment sounds and crank up the voice audio so i can hear everyone. Then someone raises their voice and my headphones do that blast thing. My kids call it the 'daddy don't hear too good anymore' disease.

    Don't let what happened get to ya. Charge back in and fight away. I've been cheered upon entering a group and had people leave when i join. I'm pretty sure the later group was after spending a whole day cooking spiders at the taco stand, or at least that is my story and i'm sticking to it. Don't let it get to you. Give it a good shrug and let it go. I can assure you that there will be more groups to join tonight.

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    Re: Disabled and playing LOTRO

    I did not realize until tonight who you were in game; I can say I would not have guessed it on my own. I have to agree that tempers can flare in the moors (seemingly more than anywhere else in the game) rather often, please don't take it personally. If I have ever jumped at you, I am truly sorry. I try not to get cranky at people in game because it is just a game. I'm here to have fun as I hope everybody else is, but unlike some, I try to keep in mind that there are real people on the other end that have real feelings. I do realize for many, the game is a way to get a break from reality.

    I understand that you're not asking for sympathy; I won't give you that. What I will give you (although you already had it) is respect. You are a good guard. I haven't ran with you much PvE side, but I have ran in the moors with you plenty, and I have no complaints.
    Disenchanted, LM
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    Re: Disabled and playing LOTRO

    Sorry to hear your having probs with the game. I'm blinds in my left eye among other disablities. So I know it can be a prob when others don't reconise how hard your trying. Hopefuly the lotr staff will fix that soon so it will be easyer for you to play.
    I am dislexic this is as good as the spelling gets.

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    Re: Disabled and playing LOTRO

    Quote Originally Posted by ZebOswalt View Post
    Sorry to hear your having probs with the game. I'm blinds in my left eye among other disablities. So I know it can be a prob when others don't reconise how hard your trying. Hopefuly the lotr staff will fix that soon so it will be easyer for you to play.

    Reply to your sig:

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    Smile Re: Disabled and playing LOTRO

    I have differently shaped hands and can only use my left hand thumb (usually to target mobs) along with full use of my right hand. Kiting is impossible for me, as is dodging in any form back and forth. So you can imagine the frustration I feel when in the Moors. I could care less to have normal hands, so that nips the whole "pity me" aspect in the bud, but I do wish there was a more effective way for me to handle other players that do weave back and forth all around me. This is my first MMO (I never thought I'd become a gamer chick until I gave LOTRO a try a year ago .. now it's a daily routine). So yea, I guess you'd be surprised of the various types of people behind all these characters.

    But I will never like collecting hobbit feet! (My first character was a female hobbit)

    Go hobbitses!



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