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    [EVENT/MUSICAL] Ziggy Piecrust and the badgers to the stars, Saturday April 8

    The most dashing Shire pierate in his quest for pies. His arch nemesis trying to foil his plans. Some decidedly furry spring singers. Welcome to a magical night when old tales come to life.

    Date: Saturday April 8
    Time: 7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime)
    Location: "Scarywood Bowl", Scary, The Shire, Laurelin Server

    As usual, we'll just have to go try find those singing spring badgers in the Shire forests. As usual, we'll probably be disappointed. So, the Brandy Badgers have decided to perform a musical this night, telling the tale of the most dashing Shire pierate of them all: Ziggy Piecrust! He who aims high. He who wants to steal the pies. He who, one spring night, runs into a furry bunch of yawning creatures who love little more than berries and songs.

    Welcome to Scary! Let us celebrate spring together!

    OOC details:

    The event will be a musical, based around the works of David Bowie. The story and song lyrics are performed in the /say channel and will all be somewhat LOTRO lore relevant.

    The musical will be performed by The Brandy Badgers, an in-house music collective of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom.

    This is a hobbit-themed tale, although if there are travellers from out of bounds who have good reason to be into hobbit music and badger mythology, then by all means come! Just remember to behave well and stay at the back, so you don’t block the view of the locals! Also remember the Laurelin RP Policy; please keep chat in-character and don't discuss things not belonging in Middle Earth.
    Lina Willowwood, biscuit-eating bard on Laurelin
    Hobbit RP? Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
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    In case you wonder exactly where "Scarywood Bowl" is, it is just south of the Scary square, at the bottom of the southern hill overlooking the village.

    We strongly recommend that you disable "frills" under your graphics settings for the show. If not, there will be some tall grass growing on the slope that may limit your visuals a little.

    Else, welcome to the show! If you ever wanted to hear a badger-oriented musical set to songs of David Bowie, this is your chance! It is likely your only chance too - the Badgers spring musicals have traditionally been one-off performances, so do come along if yer curious.
    Lina Willowwood, biscuit-eating bard on Laurelin
    Hobbit RP? Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
    Songs + videos on me biscuity burrow

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    Thank yer!

    This is tonight, welcome one and all! We aim to start 7:30PM UK time (2:30PM servertime), so be out early if you want a good spot on the slope overlooking the stage.

    Just remember:
    • Disable "Frills" (under graphics settings) if you're bothered with tall grass near the stage
    • Consider enabling "Chat bubbles" under your chat settings to see all actor lines and song lyrics. This will allow you to see chat text hovering above the actors/singers. Chat and music lyrics will all form a complete tale.
    • The musical takes ca 2 hours, so bring plenty of food and drink. Please pick up the litter when yer leave
    • We go for in-character chat in /say, so there should be no talk about Bowie, real song titles, or any other real-life issues for that matter.
    • Please be considerate to others in the audience, don't spam emotes and don't talk above the actors
    • Badgers love berries. Should any show up, offer berries to them carefully, and don't be surprised by "snatch and run" tactics. After the initial wariness, the badgers might well end up trusting yer, to the extend that them will badger yer for more berries.
    Lina Willowwood, biscuit-eating bard on Laurelin
    Hobbit RP? Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
    Songs + videos on me biscuity burrow



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