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    Vanimar Looking for Elven Roleplayers

    Hail fellow Laurelinites,

    As the title goes, Vanimar is, as always, looking for Elven Roleplayers. We are one of the oldest Elvish Roleplaying Kinships in Laurelin. We rather wish to keep this thread as a source of information rather than an advertisement. So the first part is to those who don’t know Vanimar:

    Firstly, some facts. Vanimar is a 100% elven kin. No elf-friends. No Dunedain helpers, No half elves, No cute hobit gardeners inside the house.

    We do not have alliances with other kinships or third parties as we don’t need any on grounds of RP and end game content. Our numbers and inspiration at the moment seem enough to cover both.

    Recruits are serving at least one, at most two months inside the kin as recruits then becoming members after an oath ceremony.

    Officer staff are actively involved with the decision process and gather monthly in game to cover important topics. Matters are discussed openly and decisions only become law via majority vote.

    As the Vanimar history is based on the Noldor in general, Silmarillion readers are our primary source of manpower. We regard the book as the bible of Vanimar and greatly prize its readers in recruitment. Therefore Tolkien Lore is the FIRST priority for us.

    Roleplay comes second. If the Lore is the theory, RP is considered as the best way to present yourself and who you are. While we hate to enforce RP to our members and make them play what they wouldn’t play under normal circumstances, we do not tolerate them going mad whilst their rp tag are on either. We have been working to keep the Vanimar roleplay experience free of repetitive boredom and arranging events in a regular manner. Take a peek at our Third Annual Elven Ball Thread.

    Vanimar is picky about recruiting. There's a set of requirements before the candidate, to be completed first. If he trusts himself in the grounds of Lore, enjoys RP and is overall a good relaxed chap, he generally feels welcome afterwards. During the 3 years of Laurelin experience, to us it's about quality and we feel experienced about whom to choose.

    We do not keep inactive members on the roster and thereby cause inflation. Inactive recruits for over 30 days and inactive members for over 160 days are being expelled without notice. Also to be able to join us, you must be at least level 20. We consider this a sign of your dedication to play your character.

    We have made successfull instance schedulings in the past both pre-moria and in Moria and expecting more in the near future. Vanimar only does the instance runs to equip kin members and uses a point system to distribute the loot. With the introduction of F2P this month we’re planning to return back to the field.

    To Those who think that they know Vanimar well:

    We know that Vanimar may have a reputation already. Since it is an elven kinship in Laurelin and has been around here for 3 years, the clashes have been expected. We had our fair share of clashes to say the least, with almost every other supposedly elven kin. Since we were a small kin when these things happened, Vanimar had to carry on generally alone. We are after all happy and proud about where we are. Quality of our members is very nice and quantity is getting ever better.

    We are also aware that, to fight against people's prejudice is tough. You might have seen things you didn’t like about Vanimar in the past and you may have heard some others. You might even have seen fan fiction became popular in this kin over the Silmarillion even! You may not like what you have seen, and it's not my place to urge you to like us or what we did. But I can urge you to remain calm and help us with criticism, come and tell us if you see anything bad. Instead of bashing the kin with what you heard (and it's generally less than 1% of the total picture and reality), wouldn’t this serve the greater good much better? No one is an eternal being here and we are prone to make mistakes as are any of you. So we might both benefit from some common sense.

    To those who know Vanimar well :
    We love you.

    If you did like what you have seen, read or heard then come and give it a try. What we want from you is simple. To quote our former Tûr once more here,

    “If you are:

    * a mature person (maturity not solely being dependent on age)
    * a social person (you are a friendly person, not carrying silly prejudices towards other people, love chatting with others, are not afraid to ask for something if you need it, are willing to help other players of the kinship even if there's no loot to be had for you)
    * a person that plays an elven character on the Laurelin server (with a name that fits in the lore: no Killerjohn666, and no, even "Bob" is not lore appropriate for your elf)
    * a person that shares our love of Tolkien's work in general and of the elven story in particular

    Then our kinship might be what you are looking for. Contact us via our new website below”


    Also, check out Vanimar page on Laurelin Archives here:


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