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    Jun 2011

    Returning player lookin for "Slowtro"

    Hello all,
    I'm a bit returning from long brake/pause to Lotro.
    Im looking for something like Slowtro kinship or Lvl 50 - 60 Max kinship, not need be so active, but wanna sometimes meet up and do some old stuff.

    1. Why?
    Im old SoA/Moria player, love that part of game, spend there a lot time, and dont wanna move over them ;-)

    2. But lvl 100+ is Cool
    I know, have some lvl 100 characters, but no. I wanna do Rift/Carn dum or other low level instances, on level.

    3. BUT WHY?
    Im ultra-mega-super casual player.

    4. Char/lvl?
    Atm sitting on lvl 37 with level disabler with my ELF RK, im at evendim and doing a lot stuff there.

    Thanks for advice and help.
    See ya in Middle-earth

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    To contact the Slotro folks, I would suggest going to their web site . . .


    A quick glance shows that they are currently Level 42 or so and are about to cross the Rammas Deloun (the line of statues that prevents players from entering eastern or northern Angmar).

    Us Eclairians over on Landroval are now Level 45 and are just about to finish Carn Dum. It is quite nice to be able to experience it in something like the style it was originally intended. Not exactly as originally intended, but close.

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    Thanks mate !
    sad, +rep system is not here anymore.



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