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If interested, get in touch ingame with Arantion, just send a /tell or a message!

IC information:

“A true warrior will never leave his captain's side, brethren. We fought side by side, back to back. And now he leaves us behind, while he travels to the north all alone? Gondor, brethren, needs our captain. We need our captain. Therefore, I shall head northwards, chasing every howsoever small trail to find him – and to fight by his side again.“
-an excerpt of the interlocution held between Arantion and his comrades; Minas Tirith; evening of the 4th of July, 3018 TA

The Faithful, as they call themselves, consist of the bold man (and woman) who were the last to fight aside their captains Boromir and Faramir in the Battle of Osgiliath on 20th of June 3018 TA; brave soldiers distinguished by strong faith in their captains.

Arantion and his comrades fought alongside Boromir, and although Eastern Osgiliath fell into the foe’s hands they were able to stop Sauron’s troops from invading the western part of the city too. From this day on, the respect and love for their captain grew even more, faith became even bigger and a few soldiers decided to establish “The Faithful”, an unacknowledged combat group sworn to fight and, if necessary, die alongside Captain Boromir. When he left Minas Tirith, The Faithful gathered in the basement of Arantion’s house and held long talks. Some of them decided to follow Boromir, knowing that this would be considered as deserting and they would be treated as traitors. Far too big was their love for their commander, and they were sure to be given a reprieve when reverting with Captain Boromir.

[...]Into the shadows of the North, I saw him then no more.
The North Wind may have heard the horn of the son of Denethor,[...]

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, The Lament for Boromir

OOC information:
We want to be a heavy-rp (gondorian) men-only kin, trying to establish some gondorian roleplay in the north and to follow the path of our captain to the place of his glorious death. This does not mean that we are open only for soldier characters – every gondorian man and woman is welcome, be it just for some contact with fellow countryman, or even for the long, tough way back home.

-the current date is October 24th 3018 TA. We have just arrived in Andrath, heading on to Bree, focusing on regaining strength, but – naturally – also on gaining information about Boromir’s whereabouts.

-we offer an interesting storyline concomitant with travelling to many famous places, e.g. Rivendell, Eregion, Lothlorien…

-This does NOT mean that we do not want a marked character development. Every player will have the opportunity to play his character the way he wants to. Got an idea for a subplot? Just come up with it, and it will be discussed within the kinship!

-Sooner or later our way will lead us back to Minas Tirith and we will take place in all the grim events that occurred in the war for Gondor.

-The biggest part of our kinship concept consists of roleplay while travelling and camping. We want to have realistic travelling, not to ride from Bree to Weathertop in just one day. It is planned to have one weekly event, which is tantamount to a change of the date (e.g. if it’s the 27th of October in character after a weekly event, it will be the same date for a week, giving the kin members the possibility to play “subplots” among themselves; after the next weekly event it will be 28th of October).

If you want to get in touch with us, just whisper one of our recruiting officers! See you soon - in Middle-Earth!