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Thread: Who are you ?

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    Who are you ?

    Would be fun to have a nice little introduction topic so we can learn maybe a little something about each other. I'm sorry for my long post, which I know it will be since I can't help myself.

    Anyway, my real name's Ron, I'm a 26 year old guy from the Netherlands. Started playing this game after a friend of mine recommended it. He only played for one day but the game got me hooked the minute I started playing. My friend thought it would be something like "The Battle for Middle Earth II", but he was mistaken, which was good for me because I never liked "The Battle for Middle Earth II" but I did enjoy LOTRO very much.

    Some history about me, I've been a Quake III Arena player for several years, I'm guessing around 8-10 years that I've played, untill the cheats and cheaters finally took over. People started to hate me eventually because I was a very good player and I could always recognise a cheater from a pro player, plus the fact people began thinking I was a cheater aswell. I loved all the haters and people saying "Oh that guy doesn't cheat, he's just good, I've known him for a long time". Lovely when like a year after I've quit playing the game, video's began popping up from such "good" players, proving they cheated. Guess Hardist was right after all? Oh well, it happens.

    I've had my own clans / teams in Quake III Arena. I've played together with the real pro's such as "Spart1e", never really got to their level as I stopped playing so much eventually, I used to play like 8 hours a day, which was madness. Started playing Call of Duty 4 after that, played for about three years, been in three clans from which one of them was my own for about a year, untill I got bored of the constant whining of some people I decided to leave myself

    Since that I've been playing LOTRO, been playing for about three months now I guess, kinda lost track of time because of all the playing. But I am still enjoying this game, especially been enjoying it for the last week or so because I've been playing with a special someone which makes the game even more fun. I'm still a noob but I tend to become better as I've already did a lot of research on my class in these last two days while the servers were down and I learned a lot, hopefully I can become a real Champion someday.

    Last but not least, where I got my name, maybe some of you read my bio in-game which means you already know, but I got my name from "Hardstyle Artist". I've been a DJ for like 10 years now but I've always liked Hardstyle the most, and because from the start I have always been a good Hardstyle DJ, I got my name from "Hardstyle Artist", merged together I'm "DJ Hardist". If you are interested in such music you can listen to my latest mix:

    Dedicated to Hardstyle

    I've also made a small "Dubstep" mix yesterday, only takes 30 minutes and not all tracks are Dubstep, but I just tried it a bit for a change

    A little bit of Dubstep

    That's it for now, sorry for taking another 5 minutes of your life, I hope you enjoyed reading this and even if you didn't, thanks for reading anyways ;-)

    Now it's time for you to post a little something-something about yourselfs so we can all get to know YOU a little bit better

    See you in Middle Earth!
    Evernight - Hardist (Champion) - Songhero (Minstrel) - Undertanker (Guardian) - Boltspark (Rune Keeper) - Conjurer (Lore-master)

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    Re: Who are you ?

    hi to you all..
    italy, here, and I am old enough I was able to read the lord of the rings not a lot of years after it was given to press..I am 48, actually..I am not used to play pc games, I was, when I was a boy, but ME and tolkien are in my soul and this is a really good chance..
    I heard about this game on press and net, so I got is as soon as I could, and here I am..

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    Re: Who are you ?

    Hi Ron, nice dubstep

    I'm a 24 year old from Sweden, big Magnum-fan (hence the name). I have two Characters on the server, Magnumoth and Higgins. I'm guessing I will create at least two more, Rick and T.C. Also a huge Tolkien-fan which was initially what drew me to lotro.

    Lotro is the first MMORPG I played. (and so far only). Not that much of a gamer actually, I don't have the time, but eventually I find some time between studying (C.S).

    Well, that's about it. See you in-game!

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    Re: Who are you ?

    Uhm, well hello, its nice to see You here!
    I'm a 27 years old Hungarian Tolkien-lover girl. Been playing with LOTRO since EU open beta. My real life name is Judit, im obsessed with Japanese culture (language, movies, animes, mangas, j-rock, etc.).

    Im an mmo freak, played a lot with Guild Wars (currently waiting for GW2), Requiem - Bloodymare, Shaiya, Atlantica, Archlord, Runes of Magic, etc. even Kitsu Saga. Really love mmorpgs since i can play with a lot of people, got to know them and make them my friends (or enemies hehe).

    Well, that's it i guess.

    Cya around!

    EDIT: After some time, i moved to the Netherlands to live together with my love.
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    Re: Who are you ?

    Hi !

    Zrinko from Croatia
    26 years old photographer and videographer.
    My main hobby beside basketball and dslr's are playing mmo games.
    Lotro is my main game and i have play no other in the moment.

    I like to say what i think and what is on my mind, so you can love me or hate me but im not going to be quiet like others, i will tell you what i think about you like it or not.

    I am not one of those who will log 5min before raid or any other run and logout after its done. Ill rather sit and roll and laugh and make fun of others while they make fun of me for hours before i even go to play. I like mmo world because of people and content that it gives not because i could get best gear in specific kin or be richest man on server. Im not about that, i'll rather die in instance while laughing on jokes from fellowship members then win the instance in fellowship i dont know and that are there only cuz' they need 1 specific drop.

    If u want fun fellowship person but who is well geared and highly experienced you can invite me, but mainly i'll join u only if u invite all 3 of us, who play together non-stop, so if u want me in your inst-raid, you need to invite champ+burg+ward, we go in pack


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    Re: Who are you ?

    Nice intro's here, I like it

    Although I won't post here much anymore when the servers are up again myself btw, just here because I'm kinda bored :P
    Evernight - Hardist (Champion) - Songhero (Minstrel) - Undertanker (Guardian) - Boltspark (Rune Keeper) - Conjurer (Lore-master)

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    Where my swords are needed

    Re: Who are you ?

    Elen síla lumenn’omentielvo, fellows!

    I'm Ionut, from Romania
    30 years old photographer (although my profession is social worker and I have worked in European projects also)
    I love RPGs, poetry, fantasy stories, travelling - these coming second after my great love - Photography

    I have been playing for several years MMORPGs like Perfect World, 9Dragons, but I got bored after a few days. This is because I expected the same storyline as in the RPGs. One day I was scouting for some new free MMORPG and I came across LOTRO. As I am a big fan of the books (I have finished The Hobbit in its original version, meaning in EN and now I have started The Lord of the Rings) and of the movies (I watch them once a month ) I decided to give it a try. It totally got me for the past 2 months of heavy playing and documenting.

    Namárië, dear fellows!

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    Re: Who are you ?

    I'm Jaap, i'm 15 years old and i come from the netherlands! Nice to meet you all!.
    I'm a lotr fan since is was like 8 years old. Played all different LOTR game.
    Lotro is the 1 i like most. I also play COD black ops and assassins creed.
    But i most like LOTRO.
    I played it since November.
    I got characters form level:
    -65 hunter
    -42 Runekeeper
    -23 Captain
    -22 Warden

    see you in Middle earth!
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    Re: Who are you ?

    Hey, I'm Rinn (or Izzy ), I'm 20 and currently studying Ancient History and Archaeology at uni. I've been a fan of Tolkien since I was 10, when I read the books for the first time and I've read them every year since.
    I started out with a Minstrel which is currently 37, but tried a Hunter after I ran out of quests, which is now 46. I prefer it to my Minstrel but I also hate that it's such a played class, it makes me feel like I should concentrate on my Minstrel more xD Also levelling a LM though that's barely gotten anywhere at the moment =P

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    Re: Who are you ?

    My name is Joel, a soon 32 years old guy living in sweden. Been playing Lotro for a little over a month and loving it. Before that I tried several F2P mmo's but they were all boring. Been playing mmo's for a long time, like everquest, ascherons call 2, WoW(3.5 years) . I used to raid.. ALOT back when I was playing wow, but now thats at an end due to almost losing my gf and job. Not planning on raiding at all in Lotro and Im fine with that. Playing casually but sometimes for longer stretches of time, sometimes hardly at all. Currently on vacation for the next 3 weeks so Im gonna be playing a bit more :P

    Currently working as a carer and have done so for the past 5-6 years.

    I very much dislike people who randomly invite me to a fellowship without asking me first. I'll most likely decline the invitation 95% of the time. So far nobody has asked me first, which I find very rude.

    Currently in a kinship called Guardians of Fangorn, which is a small very casual kin, in need of more members.

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    Re: Who are you ?

    I am PowerPickle. King of the Pickles and Servant to the Great Lord Sauron. I kill all in my path, I leave no Hobbits, Man, Dorf or Elf alive. Feel my Picklewrath. Hungrily awaiting more Free People to enter the Ettenmoors. I can't survive on a few Hobbits/Men a week.


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    Wink Re: Who are you ?

    Heyas there

    I'm Rafal 30 years old from .... eh that's difficult ... from Poland but i live in Ireland
    Been playing Lotro since EU Beta. I'am Tolkien world lover ( "Silmarillion" book ya must read it ^^ )
    I Like RPG/Strategy games and love MMO games, Lotro & Conan, soon Secter World =)
    I love Chinese culture ( language, movies, ... girl ) also i do Chinese Wing Chun Kung Fu which is
    my hobby and passion =)

    In game some of you probably have seen my Loremaster "Malezar" and in ettenmoors you can meet me
    on my ugly smelly Defiler "Grachuk"

    Alright that's all , cya in ettenmoors
    Ashdurbuk (RVR) R11 / Grachuk (WL) R8

    " Playing creep is the only difficult challenge in lotro ".

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    Re: Who are you ?

    Well met,

    My real name is Henk and I'm from Belgium.
    I'm in my last month to becoming 20.
    I currently study law at the University of Leuven where I am starting the third year in septembre.

    I'm a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and Tolkien's other work.
    I have read the Trilogy, Silmarillion and Children of Hurin a couple of times.

    Lotro makes Middle-Earth come to life quite nicely hence I'm a big fan.
    I've been around since the Beta in 2007.
    I've played on the Snowbourn server in the first year of the game.
    Then I came and went a bit.
    When F2P launched I came to Withywindle to start out fresh.
    Withywindle: Hargorin, 85 GRD; Tharwil, 53 CHMP and a whole lot more offspring

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    Re: Who are you ?

    my name is sotiris(sotos) from greece.im 31 age and i am sniper in greek army.my hobies is mechanics and i like the gaming too.i play lotro since from 7/07 in eldar.now here.
    Krom Of Laurelin.

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    Re: Who are you ?

    Hello all !
    I am cookie the Wizard
    I have been playing for too many years lol and I will be playing till the day i die cos i got lifetime subscription lol

    Born and raised in Norway,but last year moved to Holland cos I met a mad champ on Eldar, we spend most of our time in the gaming room (its awsome to have a gaming room ,giggle).

    I am 28 years old...uhm I will turn 29 in exactly one week (18th of september), eeek i am getting old.
    And I am a female, and love the fact that more and more women are playing lotro

    In real life i am a cook with backproblems and a scifi addiction

    Dont be shy to contact me ingame for a chat or some off map exploration

    ¤Live long and prosper¤

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    Re: Who are you ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cookiereth View Post
    Dont be shy to contact me ingame for a chat or some off map exploration

    ¤Live long and prosper¤
    *Goes to contact Cookie*
    I wanna come with you and explore!!!

    I am Cal, the 18 year old student from England and contrary to my main toon, I'm not a girl .

    I never played an MMO before and this game has just taken over my life - I wasn't ever any kind of gamer before -
    My main hobbies include writing music of all genres, playing my guitar (very sexy Jackson), and going into Uni where I study Chemistry.

    Caitlyin, Captain --- Calead, Warden ---Rílaísseth, Champion --- Narthivor, RK --- Unguilant r5 Weaver
    All on Laurelin --- Proud member of Les Adorables

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    Cool Who am I?

    I'm me, ofc. Silly! Halcyon by name and hunter by class. Happy just to fish, actually. And enjoy crafting too. Not so hot when it comes to combat but, hey, can't win 'em all. I stay in Scotland, near Dundee. Been playing for about a year. It took a while to get up to speed tbh. New to MMORPG and a lot to learn. But I found a good kinship (White Warg Society) and we've been doing OK.

    Went to a great event recently near Celondim, a wedding xD

    See you in game or message me anytime.


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    Re: Who are you ?

    Quote Originally Posted by zrinko View Post
    Hi !


    I am not one of those who will log 5min before raid or any other run and logout after its done. Ill rather sit and roll and laugh and make fun of others while they make fun of me for hours before i even go to play. I like mmo world because of people and content that it gives not because i could get best gear in specific kin or be richest man on server. Im not about that, i'll rather die in instance while laughing on jokes from fellowship members then win the instance in fellowship i dont know and that are there only cuz' they need 1 specific drop.


    Are you sure mate? --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeN09q_qrh4 (LOTRO ONLINE - Tribute to Champion of Withywindle (Zrinko))
    Officer of Ithilien Illuminated.
    Gorbulas - Lloremaster.
    Gorb - Burglar

  19. Re: Who are you ?

    Hello fellow Withywindlers.

    My name is Martyn, aka Amdareth
    To save myself writing it again check out this link for more about me ;-)




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