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That does not sound good! I hope the laptop can be un-melted? Is it post-Weatherstock stress syndrome?

Tonight I found out in a hurry that Aelaer does NOT like snakes. (Quite funny when your toons develop quirks of their own because personally I don't mind them.) Apart from that, she had a great time.

Yes, HoF is completely free-form, people might listen to a particular song in hushed silence, or talk all the way through it, or even decide to talk and dance at the same time. "Say" does not travel that far, there is plenty of space to doze or sit quietly. Traditionally the benches by the fire are where people sit if they want to pull out a book and read it by themselves.

The music tonight was simply awesome.
The music was indeed again of super high quality! Amorey & Primmrose with their songs (I wonder how they do it! delivering their lines in time with the music, simply awesome) And Makalaure played some melodies that sent chills down my spine! Thanks all for coming. Summer holidays are drawing near, so player numbers will be dwindling quickly