The naming rules on Laurelin were something that, the then EU players on the server, adamantly requested be kept, when the servers moved back to the U.S. under Turbine. Turbine conceeded this and the rules kept being in place, and being enforced.

Now they are no longer enforced by the GMs, so my question is this: Why do they still exist?, should SSG not simply remove them from the EULA once and for all, and the devs remove the ticketing option for naming violations?

It's not as if they have any effect on the server any longer, so we ought to get rid of them no?

Almost every week you see people go bonkers in /world over someones name, but the fact is that very few get renamed these days, if anyone. Isn't it time Laurelin moved on from the old rules and accepted the fact that we are no longer predominantly a roleplay server?