I was given this link by my old dear friend Aeton. We go back a long way when he was young enough to have the energy to play on an American server. I was quite taken with your the post above describing the kin. After following this thread there is only one thing I can say -- WOW! Kindred spirits. Who knew?
So? Will I be the first American to apply to the kinship; An American living in America that is? I'll have to start a new toon, but was in the process of moving a lvl 65 to another server and will stop that and wait so she can move to Snowbourne. I'm usually free during the afternoons here on the East Coast so that will probably be perfect timing to be online with a group from GB.
I haven't been this excited about the game in a long time. Can't wait for the migrations to be complete so I can log in. Meanwhile, I'm off to visit nursing homes to find one that has internet connections for the residents