(Apologies for being a totally lazy git and copying this from our CM thread)

Do you remember the days before the interweb?

Do you remember when computators were things in science fiction comics?

Did you read Lord of the Rings, before the films, the games and even the radio adaptation?

Did your first computer game load from a C90 cassette tape?

Do you think the best use of a mobile phone is to make a telephone call?

Do you spell words properly and use punctuation?

Do you find yourself grumbling about stuff under your breath? All day? Every day?

Do you prefer to ignore the numbers when it comes to birthdays?

Do you struggle to understand the “L337 spk” of the “PUG”s you join?

You’re old…….. aren’t you?

Older than you care to admit?

Well, there is an answer!

Come and join The Last Alliance; a refuge for the more “mature” (in an age, if not mental, sense) gamer, sometimes known as “The Grumpy Old Gits”

(To paraphrase Mr David Gilmour */bows*; “We like to think we are getting Older and Wiser, when in fact we are just getting old….”)

We have been around since the year dot (and before). What is the current oldest rank for a kin? Well, that’s us!

We have a fully active community, (albeit slightly creaky and smelling faintly of wee, Listerine and Deep Heat), with 100+ grumbling, mumbling, moaning and groaning members with many 65'ers, and numerous other characters scattered at all levels across Middle Earth

We take our Zimmer frames, wheelchairs and walking sticks on many day trips to all sorts of exciting end-gamey places and also have a thriving bunch of young hearty adventurers willing to tackle the various threats of the starter areas too (well, it makes us feel really young - one can always dream) .


if you would like to come and join us as we make our way through the countryside of Middle Earth,

and moan about the flies, the food and the lack of toilet facilities (well, I haven’t seen one, have you?),

come and visit us at http://thelastalliance.guildportal.com and have a moan!

Alternatively accost one of our number in-game and talk to us, but please bear in mind that you may have to talk slowly and very loudly.