This was the first Laurelin role-playing event I attended. I am a Laurelin player (starting a few months before the migration process to Turbine completed).

I have never laughed so much in a MMORP hosted event in my life.

The wit, quick posted comments really had me laughing until my sides split- I especially have to thank the hobbit with the pointy hat who served food to everyone too!

I attended with my greedy dwarf Disli and thereafter with my little Burglar Calanier- I said nothing at the event given that I am new here too! (I am far too shy )

To sum up... I was amazed at the quick witted comments which made me laugh out load and the friendly manner in which the hobbits said "hello" to everyone else who were ten foot taller than them.

I was, and continued to be enamoured, to the wonderful community which Laurelin has- my main character is yet to reach level 50 but I pop to Bree to help heal a peep or two in early quests, and I have always invariably found when I am in difficulty if another player is around they always help.

I cannot wait to attend the Elvish gathering in Rivendell too (I tried to run to Rivendell on Wednesday with my level 15 Smaragas but he died and respawned in Ered Luin!)

Finally, thank you to the incomparable Laurelin community- to say I enjoyed this event is an understatement!