The Midnight Society has reopened on a new server and is looking for new members to fill its ranks. We welcome new players and veterans alike, and we pursue all different playstyles from random fellowships and raiding through rping. We also have a discord server to talk on if you would like to voice chat while gaming, is not required by any means. There is no real set goal on size at the moment, just looking for good solid people who love playing this game, regardless of how much time or money they put into this game. We have an island kinhouse in Belfalas, and its situated in a mostly empty neighborhood, for anyone who likes having their home in their kin neighborhood like myself and my second in command, but again is not required to own a home there or in any Belfalas neighborhood.

We are a very relaxed group and made this group for the joy of playing the game with others, we will host events and planned runs as the group forms up, to include and not limited to, raids and instances that we have the people to run and helping with lower level runs so fellow players can get through them. As leaders we are both from American/Canadian time zones, but we are on quite a bit during both European timezones and American timezones so there is no worry about not running into us. We do ask that you at least know enough English to get by, it doesn't matter to us if it is your first language or not as long as we as a group can communicate.

Thank you for reading this and considering us, if you have any questions message me on here, or ingame through Meladhal.