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What you have said has been common courtesy on Eldar for ages, but I guess there are always people who like to kill greendots(which are as strong as an ordinary NPC, which you can kill anywhere else). But ye, big gratz for doing that, even if this is just till the "utopian" balance, which even if comes, it will not balance low ranks to ordinary freep, because getting the end game gear is a piece of cake. But I guess killing "NPC"s who give shiny points is not boring.
Dunno if ppl really enjoy killing a greedot, since there is no challenge at all....aye, its common courtesy many years now and i respect ppl who follow this "unwritten rule"
Tho, im sure most of us have experienced many different situations over the years, which sometimes greendots turn to be nasty
For example, i see a greedot, he saw me also...i turn around to go and he follows me...i stop, he stop...i walk away again and he follows...i stop, 5 wargs jump on me..im dead...greedot cj on me!
Sometimes, if you are a bit raged for a reason (ganked many times, rl problems etc) and you see a greendot passing by (wrong place,wrong time), you might kill it to feel better (i admit i have done it, but actually i felt worst)
As a creep, you might see a low lvl freep and suddenly 4 burgls jump on you...
Most of the above happened in the past tho, but still they have affect our awereness and in some cases our playstyle in general

Nowdays, i see many new creeps, roaming all around, doing quests during all day, killing npcs even if the fight is 10m away...in few words-->greendots everywhere!!!
So, killing greendots is inevvitable because the chances to crush on one are higher....and im not talking about guys hunting greendots...thats a shame!!!
Few days ago, we had a fight at Lug gy, when couple of greenies were killing npcs at ec at the side were the fight was taking place... i accidentaly kill 1 with 1 ember....
Today, i was fighting at Gramms, 6-7 creeps including some greenies (btw, i didnt say i wont fight back greenies who r attacking me). At some point, i saw 1 go left and 1 go right...i didnt chase...but others did and they killed em.

All i was ment (beside what i will do in personal), is that new creeps should have a grace period from all freeps and that means no greenies hunting, no chasing and if possible, no visit at quest sites (hh, slugs etc)
In that way, these creeps will get stronger sooner, they ll get maps etc and they will be ready for decent fights, mixed with high rnks for start

Hmmm...sounds like the "utopian" balance almost

P.S I just want more ppl to know what you and me know as a common courtesy, coz apparently most ppl dont....thats all