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Dagorod, I think you missed the point of my post. When I said I didn't like the way you SPAR I didn't mean it was lame to use your skills OUTSIDE of lc3. You can play anyway you want if you're not sparring. However if you've played for as long as you claim, then you would know that at lc3 there is some rules to make it fairer for everyone It wouldn't only benefit me to play with some restriction but you and everyone else who comes to 1v1s.

P.S the only reason I lost twice to you was because I made the stupid mistake of trying to play fair. I realised after those 2 spars that it was pointless and I sparred lame aswell

P.P.S Send me a tell anytime so I can enlighten you some more.
Ugly, i do play for long coz i remember back then when lc3 was nothing and the unofficial spar area was northwest of HH (2nd spar area, Tir HS).
That was at lvl 50, when spars were much more interesting, last longer (even if we had 3k hp) and ppl care about fair play more than now! Back then, yes, there were some unwritten rules which every decent creep/freep follow!
The fact that i was playing both sides, helped me also to learn skills from many classes both sides, thus i could judge what is not fair to use (like SoM for humans, T&G for burgls, Pledge guards...and hunters DF lol). These things were known by almost everyone, so we had these rules in general, exept if you arrenge specific spar rules!
Now what?
I return to EM 4 months ago, i have almost no contact on creep side, most skills are unknown to me and noone told me what unwritten rules count nowdays! I will not hear the unwritten rules from 3-4 creeps, which they died much and they feel rage....as Blindings said (which is my kins sworn enemy, but still respected...at least by me), untill unwritten rules are written down, all usage of skills allowed! (maybe not exact words, but thats who it is).

You said that after those 2 spar you lost, you start playing lame, right? And i told you i played all my skills in all 4 spars!
Now, tell me please, how you win at the very 1st spar, if you werent lame and i was using same skills as other spars??
Waterlore didnt save me there....and next 2 spars which i won, were close to loose in some point..lasted 3mins each, while spar No4 lasted 30secs (actually its the spar you said you went lame)
For me, fair is when spars have an interest during fight, when you dont really know from start if you gonna loose or win....and from my point of view, thats exactly happend in our spars.
1st spar i die, you had half hp...2nd 3rd i won but it wasnt far from loosing when my hp droped at 2k at some points...4th i lost and you had full hp. Cant be more balanced than that....
If i didnt use waterlore, sticky and kite..well...dude im sure you dont like clubbing, do you?