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Sooo we had some spars today... Thoroughly unenjoyable experience as most freeps there were popping cds and pots all the way through. Clearly there isn't anyone left who remembers how to do some good spars and this new wave of ez moders has come along, going to spar with store buffs etc, cappy trying to be smart and giving his fellow shield brother lmao (btw mate if you traited red we could do some real spars, not that sh*t that lasted for 2 hours)
And yes I started giving it back as lame as I got it after I realised that these freeps weren't interested in fair spars just some easy renown. Sorry to disappoint you.
I won't be sparring again unless you l2p and spar without cd, 10million buffs etc.
I'm willing to spar without impale, ds and whatever else you think is op but you need to set yourself some rules too and maybe we can have a fair spar
Im not the cappy you mention, but you said you were dissapointed from most freeps....dunno if im included to that list or not...not that i really care...but i have somehow to start my 1st post after 4y

Seriously, do you think that renown was the reason i came to spar you???
And can you please tell me which spar wasnt fair? (1-4 you win, 2-3 i win...nomatter the result, all 4 were fair enough imo)