Hi folks,

Years back we used to do PVMP 1 v 1 games (on eldar that is)! It adds a little diversity and allows some to show there skill and prowess!

I haven't been in Ettens in years (pretty unknown) and lack a real understanding of how balanced (or not) the PVMP is these days. (this is not a QQ request for either side)

However, how interested is the community (the players) in a 1 v 1 Ettens PME (player made event)? There has to be rules for the event and there needs to be a Leader on each side to keep participating members in check! If any high level Freep's / Creep's are interested please speak up!

Some rules i can think of right now (will need some input by the community)

1/ You must be 115! absolute!
2/ Anyone from either side interfering with a 1 v 1 match will be killed by the the opposing side. (without retribution)
3/ The location is a neutral and will be chosen by the community. (a vote will be held)
4/ Any questions or advice should be posted in game to Mintri or on this forum
5/ date will be agreed by both sides.