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    Congratz Ez! ./pompoms

    Gratz Ezsra on rank 9! moar head chopping! xD
    Creeps: Rank 11 Warleader | Rank 9 Reaver | Rank 7 Warg
    Freeps: Rank 9 Champion, Rank 5 Guardian

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    Re: Congratz Ez! ./pompoms

    gratz Ez, more dying raging reavers to deny renown <3


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    Re: Congratz Ez! ./pompoms

    Enjoy dying rage, its a really cool skill. Congratz.

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    Re: Congratz Ez! ./pompoms


    Corpse Jumping Elitist
    Wildthorn - R5 Defiler, Wildrun - R7 Warg, Wildshot - R7 BA, Wildthug - R6 Reaver

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    Re: Congratz Ez! ./pompoms

    Grats Ez!!

    ./angry ;p
    Alovatia R9 Mini, Speederpotpie R10 Weaver, Malboro R9 Defiler
    The Black Blade

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    Re: Congratz Ez! ./pompoms

    congrats Ezsy!

    [FONT="Verdana"] [CENTER] [SIZE="2"] [COLOR="cadetblue"]Tinduiel, hunter/ Lhune, minstrel/ Heledir, guardian[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [COLOR="crimson"] Pipedreams Fantasy, defiler[/COLOR]

    ‏אױב די באָבע װאָלט געהאַט אַ באָרד, װאָלט זי געװען אַ זײדע.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/LEFT]

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    Re: Congratz Ez! ./pompoms

    Gratz EZ, very nice...!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Congratz Ez! ./pompoms

    Awesome, grats Ez!
    Graf | Musta

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    Re: Congratz Ez! ./pompoms

    Gratz noob!!!!!
    [center][color=red]Now roaming the earth searching for a fun, interesting game.......again.[/color][/center]


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    Re: Congratz Ez! ./pompoms

    [COLOR="Blue"]Marleneriel level 65 -Loremaster - Wolf Lords, Officer * Angelriel level 65 - Rune Keeper - Wolf Lords, Officer[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="Red"]Rainbows RK7 WL - The Black Blade * Monsterwebs RK8 Spider - The Black Blade [/COLOR]

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    Re: Congratz Ez! ./pompoms

    Grats Ez! You make me proud! Kinda tearing up here. Seems like just yesterday you were taking your first charging steps. My how fast they grow.
    [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4LcEvAlNnE]Terror of the Ettenmoors[/url] - President and CEO of Blood~Mart Inc.™ ~ Sexy Blue Beast
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    Re: Congratz Ez! ./pompoms

    Thanks all very much. Especially to the bladers for the awesome times and volo, droi, dafro, mimi and lugi. Love 1v1ing yall.

    Oh and loofah ! thanks for the ranking kb ! If you need help picking up the pieces of your bow at crude lugz let me know

    toodles !

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    Re: Congratz Ez! ./pompoms

    gratz ez!

    now i cant kite you like the girl i am
    Lugi R8, DontShootIHaveCandy R7, PartyOnMyBurrow R7, JohnPaulJones R6



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