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    Question Quest: Inn of the Forsaken..

    I accidentally took the quest and now I can not erase.
    The cancel button is not activated ...

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    Re: Quest: Inn of the Forsaken..

    I'm having the same problem and would appreciate any help given.

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    Re: Quest: Inn of the Forsaken..

    me too
    please help Turbine
    quest logs are cramped
    having one you can't cancel really hurts

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    Re: Quest: Inn of the Forsaken..

    If your character is high enough level, set the instance to level 20 and solo it.

    It is a known problem. I am beginning to think the fix will be in the Isengard expansion release.
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    Re: Quest: Inn of the Forsaken..

    Well, one way to clear it would be to actually run the instance. Whether you can solo it because you're a much higher level and you set it to level 20, or you run it with a group, either will complete it.

    Maybe not the answer you were hoping for, but otherwise, I would bug it.
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    Re: Quest: Inn of the Forsaken..

    The quest is bugged. It's even worse for F2P/Premium because it's been removed from the store until they fix it. F2P/Premium can't get that bloody thing out of their quest log, because you can't cancel it either.
    Turbine should at least fix the cancel button.

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    Re: Quest: Inn of the Forsaken..

    I'm in the same boat on one of my ftp characters. We will just have to wait until they fix it.



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