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    Madurz Hai (Landroval RP Tribe)

    I was thoroughly disappointed that roleplay wasn't really considered much of an item in Monster Play on Landroval, so I decided to do my part in encouraging it to become a little more commonplace. After all, if something is readily accessible, more people are liable to want in on it, if not at least try it.
    And so Madurz Hai came to be.


    Very small but hoping to grow, we are a roleplay-centric tribe looking for others who share a similar set of interests. All classes and races are welcome to join us as we pioneer the relatively uncharted territory of bringing faces, names, lives and personalities to the collective enemy of the Free Peoples of Middle Earth. Character building, story progression, world building, and character discussion are all highly welcome and encouraged! For a productive and informed entry to the tribe, below you fill find some useful information to help you understand what we require and what we like to see in players.

    -Tribe chat is OOC.

    -The tribe is more a hub to connect with other roleplayers and discuss storylines and characters than an in-character group of individuals.

    -You may have alts in the tribe, just ask :')

    -I'm not much of a PvPer but I will be happy to help you in any way I can, and encourage other members to do the same for new folks.

    Rules and Requirements:

    -I will require everyone to maintain a pleasant demeanour in tribe chat.. However feel free to be as unfiltered as you would like in-character. Characters with strong personalities are very welcome!

    -You must have decent grammar and spelling skills. I'm fine with some "lol"s and emotes in tribe chat of course, but let's please keep them restricted to OOC.

    Contact Information

    My character's name is Spilge, and you can contact me through mail (what a convenient new feature it is, monster-side) on Landroval at any time, and I will be sure to reply as promptly as possible.


    That's all I've got for now; thanks for reading and I hope to see some new faces soon!

    As a parting note, please feel free to use the banner at the top of the page as a signature ;') In fact I encourage it, so long as it links back here and due credit is given to me for the art.
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    Great idea. If you need an enemy to help stir things up, let me know. I can't PvP worth a fig but perhaps I could help in some other way. Good luck.

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    I'll definitely let you know! Thanks for offering :')

    And if you want to help, there is something you can do- if you know or meet anyone who may be interested, you can make mention of it, or direct them here :'D That would be really helpful.

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    This sounds great! I was literally just thinking how come there is not much roleplaying opportunities in the Moors. The characters and setting there is sure to offer some nuanced perspectives on the wider story of Middle Earth.

    I am on a different server currently, but please count me in - when transfers open up, I will at least transfer my newbish Reaver to be a part of this. I've next to no Moors experience (only quested there so far), but we all got to start somewhere, right? And this sounds like a fun, creative endeavour to partake in, learn the ropes, and maybe even get more established there.

    Storyline creations and character developments are something of a personal hobby of mine; doing it creepside will be unexpected and challenging - already looking forward to what may unfold. I used to have a Defiler when I was VIP (after trying several creep classes, this one had the most personality for me, but I enjoy playing healer/support classes the most in general), if this really takes off and I get more into it, I'll unlock him again and bring him over too.

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    Awesome! I'm really excited, and I look forward to seeing you soon :') It will be really fun to develop our characters together, and perhaps engage in some casual roleplay to establish personality traits and behaviours whilst the tribe forms and the groundwork for a bigger story is laid down.. I actually have a few ideas already ;')

    I've actually had quite a few orc OCs, though the one I am using in the game at the moment is relatively new, so we'll both be starting out on an even ground, methinks.
    As for being newbish, don't worry :') I'm still pretty newbish too, and I don't really care much for PvP so I spend a lot of time questing and gathering resources that I'll be more than happy to share, if you need a bit of a boost.

    Anyway it's great to have you, and I can't wait to get started :'D

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    Immersive gameplay in the Moors, who would have thought Looking forward to it!

    A practical question - what is your time zone? I'm in Europe, but certain that it'll be possible to find times and coordinate.

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    For some reason the forum ate my first post so I'll say it again x'D

    I'm in the PST zone, but I am on periodically throughout the day and usually later in the night so it shouldn't be too hard to connect almost daily.

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    This actually sounds like a lot of fun, I can't believe no one thought of it before!

    I would love to give it a try, I have a warg named Mazthakh, feel free to send me a mail.

    P.S. I am currently unranked and trying to rank up without needing to join large-scale raids (my computer can't handle it ), but if rank isn't an issue, then great!
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    Nope, rank is never a problem, haha. I welcome all ranks, all classes and all races :')

    I'll shoot you a message soon, looking forward to hearing back from you :'D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eryniell View Post
    This actually sounds like a lot of fun, I can't believe no one thought of it before!

    I would love to give it a try, I have a warg named Mazthakh, feel free to send me a mail.

    P.S. I am currently unranked and trying to rank up without needing to join large-scale raids (my computer can't handle it ), but if rank isn't an issue, then great!
    Actually, back around the beginning, Shadowclan used to RP in the Moors and even did black speech and stuff. For some reason, they faded out around 2009. It's good to see RP back in the Moors. I might even be tempted to come out for that.
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    That's pretty neat! Wish I could have seen that, sounds like it was a blast.

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    Snarkey the Warg just sent you a mail about joining. Sounds fun. Let's chew on some Hobbit legs together! yummy!

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    Great! We'll be happy to have you :')

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    Who are your freep RP characters, if you don't mind me asking? I don't know if I will engage in creep RP... but I think this is such a fantastic idea, that I would love to possibly connect freep-side every now and then
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    Oh hi there :') My characters on Landroval's Free People side are Tolthro, a hobbit, and Vinthraas, an elf. I also have Laniir (man) and Folnur (dwarf) on Laurelin, but I don't play there quite as often. But feel free to hit me up anytime I'm on, or add any of my characters for future connecting :')

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    Still hoping for this to become a thing :')



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