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    Kinship Proposition: The Misfits

    Are you a Middle-Earth Misfit?

    Do you enjoy some light role-playing while playing the game, but the thought of full-on scripted events leave you cold?

    Does the thought of interesting characters, created within the framework of the lore but also existing partially above it (when interacting within the kin) appeal to you?

    Do you enjoy the quests and tasks of the game, but understand that with the right folks along, the pleasure can increase exponentially?

    Can you make others laugh while in character?

    (Have you ever missed with your smelting hammer and hit your thumb, dancing in pain and blaming that guy next to you for crowding you?)

    Can you make others laugh while out of character?

    (Have you ever thought to have a discussion with Strider as to just what the heck he is doing hanging around the Prancing Pony all the time when it's obvious that there are important things happening elsewhere?)

    Do you enjoy laughing? I mean in general?

    I propose a new kinship: The Middle-Earth Misfits.

    A group who enjoys nothing more than questing, crafting and cracking others and one another up.

    A group whose leadership changes periodically by the drawing of straws - losers lead.

    You might find them settling in-kin disputes by holding foot-races around the fountain in Bree - races which always end in a tie, of course.

    You might find them arguing on the choice of horse-flesh at the local stable, with half refusing to ride a sable and half proclaiming that they would never being caught dead riding a roan.

    You might find them, deadly serious, conquering deep, dark and dangerous places only to later hold a loud and public dispute afterwards over where to go for breakfast.

    Quirky. Silly. Focused on game content and yet free to also rise above it and have more fun than they should be allowed to have for $15 a month, let alone for free.

    Close-knit so as to assist with the improvising, yet willing to allow others to join in and play along as well if they wish. (as long as they're funny) (or can pay us) (we accept gold)

    Open to all races, of course, because that is where some of the inter-kin humor will come in.

    Are you a Misfit?

    Pennbor is my Misfit. You can see him and discover his quirks here: http://my.lotro.com/user-975959/ (start reading his journal from the bottom of the page)

    Please feel free to message me while in-game, or drop me a note here from my bio page if you wish to do so.

    Does the idea appeal to anyone but me?

    I am not sure that it will.

    After all, that is why I am a Misfit.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Re: Kinship Proposition: The Misfits

    I like this. Let's make it happen.

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    Re: Kinship Proposition: The Misfits

    soundas intriguing though i am not much into roleplaying mostly because i have never tried it hope it works out for you guys

    although when i created my main character i chose an elf hunter from mirkwood go fihgure and i have wanted to run duo skirms with a dwarf champ and tally kills because i loved the way Legolas and Gimli's relationship developed throughout the books but the movies really put it into view
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