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The "1v1" nostalgia times were RoI, when freeps had every incentive to 1v1. Not so many happened 65 and before days.
Nah, 1v1s and a lot of the courtesy that came with it had been a part of Ridder since it began. There were countless tea parties and they were often in high traffic areas, usually on TA lawn or between STAB and EC since back then on this server, EC/TA shuffle was the place to be for action. It wasn't until raiding became a lot more common that they were moved to be more consistently on CM to avoid drama and the impending zerg.

I had the good fortune of meeting a number of wonderful people both creep and freepside thanks to them. I still remember my first seemingly endless 1v1 when I started burgling on Ridder against Boh on TA lawn. At the time, I thought 15min or so was bad, little did I know there would be far worse to come, heh.