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A few days ago, I was watching some 1v1s at GTA, then I saw Bralleg (rank 9 or 10 at he time) the hunter. Out of curiosity I challenged him, and surprisingly beat him twice, the first fight I still had about 6k morale (at full health I had 17885k), the hunter had a little over 10k at full health. I was surprised that I could destroy a higher rank freep, let alone one with such high dps wih relative ease.

Later Howyoudoin showed up, and I was feeling overconfident enough to challenge him to a 1v1, and he of course won, but it was a close fight.
Would just like to say its r11 with 12k morale I commend you on your "skill" in using both MT and Uruk heal in our 1v1s. Look forward to more 1v1s with you and may just spam pen shot like most hunters do. With store dev pot, crafted dev pot and intent concentration could probably throw 12+ with ease.

Anyways there have been many good 1v1s as of late. Would like to thank all the high ranked wargs (starfoxx, germs, lightningxx, staran) as well as the warleaders that have 1v1'd me in the last week. Good fights all around and hope to have more in the future.