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Would like to thank fissure and zenz for the couple 1v1s they gave me tonight at lug xroads... I know i will never actually kill you guys but our fights give me a nice opportunity to work on a few things.
Don't sell yourself short, you are a tough fight. And I think its definitely possible for you to win but I won't disclose how :P.

Lots of good 1v1's yesterday, Omez I felt bad the time you had me around 600 morale and I popped a disarm/resilience combo, kinda cheap I apologize. Thanks for the fights though very fun. Pibbles thanks for the fun, great fights as well. Vim get the rust off of the RK. And of course Alsander, 10 sec stun lock in QK, the risks of using Resilience offensively QQ. Good fights all around.