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Thanks for the 1v1s at TR hotspot this evening!

@Vudu - I'm impressed; you have definitely improved since the previous times I've fought you (pre-RoI? it's been awhile!).

ty. and i do believe it was pre-roi. i have been waiting to fight you for a while now. i'm not gonna deny roi helped me alot, it did, but i also got a new cpu that helped a ton too. also, i have been pretty focused on knowing my toon better and what he can do and just all around stuff like better movement and things. i remember you were kind enough back a while ago to afford me some 1v1s after i complained in ooc how i couldn't get any and wouldn't be in a raid as much if i could. i was terrible back then and u took it easy on me if i recall but i never stopped tryin to improve since then and have not been in a raid nearly as much since that time as well as i was pretty intent on getting better. OG rm creeps like you, flesh, deathpaw, gangly, and numerous others that would attack me solo were instrumental in me improving. i never ran, i rarely won (sometimes i'd pop them cds and still not win), and my rating went down the tubes but i slowly got better. i still have a lotta room for improvement yet so i thank you and all the creeps who 1v1 me. it's the best way to improve imo and i need to get on it as them new legion dudes ain't a walk in the park and our OG rm creeps are just gonna get better themselves.