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    Exclamation Combat quick Slots

    Hello, This might have already been covered and I just can not find it; is it possible or has it already been done to make the combatquickslots positionable ?

    Any help on this would be appreciated. I tried to rob from peter to make this happen taking a function out of the vitals and just pasting it in the combatquickslotsbar.lua but it doesn't seem to be working....

    function CombatQuickslotBar:MouseMove( args )
    local left, top = self:GetPosition();

    if ( self.dragging ) then
    self:SetPosition( left + ( args.X - self.dragStartX ), top + ( args.Y - self.dragStartY ) );

    I put that about everywhere in the script and the best it did was make it so I was able to drag and move the size window around lol

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    Cool Re: Combat quick Slots

    To move most of your gui game interface, use the key command, ctrl shift "\"

    That will allow you to position just about every aspect of your on screen graphical user interface, not sure if the quick combat slots are moveable but dont think I ever tried, good luck!

    Use ctrl shift "\" also to exit after moving.

    (I wish I could program one of my slots , like my fishing hobby skill to the backspace key but cant figure that out) Wish I could use my backspace key as a skill slot.


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    Re: Combat quick Slots

    Hey thanks for the reply - The reason I'm asking is because the default example of quickslots wont allow for ctrl+\ to reposition the bar.

    I'm going thru other examples and peoples code and am probably just going to create my own from scratch - I understand alot of people that make these want to high light their programming skills and in so doing make overly complicated addons to do simple things.

    The default quickslots addon that comes with the examples is perfect - but it lacks positioning. If anyone can simply walk into Mordor and add this feature it will be me ;D
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    Re: Combat quick Slots

    Hold the bus...


    This is completely awesome, I've scrapped my "kissbar" idea and am in love with plugin.



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