Elrond's Aid is a family oriented lifespan 8 kinship always looking for new members and with a lively, active player base in the hundreds. We started out as a 'feeder' kinship - helping players rise through the levels with mutual instance support and in kin supply of equipment as a toon levels. During this time, we became intimately familiar with instances up to lvl 40 and regularly provided training runs to help our members learn the intricacies of such instances and the mechanics of game play in lotro - something we still do.

As our player base has matured and we have developed a consistent high level player base, our stance has shifted more to that of an instance kinship. We run regular instance events on a weekly bases covering all classes and levels alongside a very active endgame contingent. At present, we are in the process of becoming as familiar with the 40-60 instances as we are with those of lower levels, while our 65s work on their stm's and learn their way around the endgame.

As a kinship, we strive not to focus on any singular aspect of the game, rather embracing lotro as a whole, offering support and advice to palyers of any level, be they entirely new players, old experienced ones or whatever levels of alts people may be working on.

You can find out more about us at our website: http://elrondsaid.net/ or, contact one of our officers in game.

EA Officers:
Sariah, Garyth, Grimsnarl, Uldion, Urban, Sephistos, Karnath, Jokerzoid, Torax, Thenufiel, Dodin, Amion, Jonathans and of course me, Yrsa.