CSTM Commercial Video Contest

We want you to make a video commercial for Casual Stroll to Mordor! Promote CSTM in the most creative way you can think of.

I certainly do not expect hand crafted machinima quality that Welby is able to produce. We’re looking for a simple commercial about CSTM and why folks should visit our site or listen to our podcast. Feel free to add in your own nuggets of CSTM wisdom or what it is you like about CSTM. If you have a specific question or information you need about CSTM email us or leave a comment below.

Entries may be serious or funny. We mostly just want to see creativity!

Creating Videos

There are many methods for capturing and editing video game footage and we really don’t have any requirements you must follow for creating your commercial. Use whatever you feel comfortable with. So long as we can watch your end product and it meets our rules below, we are satisfied.

If you are not sure where to start here are some links that may help:


  • UI must be off
  • One submission per account. Please do not submit multiple videos. Only the first one received will be considered
  • Submission must be family friendly
  • Submissions are to be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes in length (approximately – don’t make yourself crazy trying to meet these times exactly)
  • This contest is limited to our friends in North America simply due to shipping costs!
  • Your video must be received by May 15, 2011, 11:59 EDT (-4 GMT)


We have one (1) copy of the Theatrical Version of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy on Blu-Ray to giveaway.

I can already hear some of you saying that you want the extended version – that is still only out for pre-order set to be released on June 28. You can win our copy now and it’s free!

Note that this is a Blu-Ray. You probably shouldn’t enter if you do not own a Blu-Ray player!

How to Enter

If your video is less than 5MB email it to us at contests@casualstrolltomordor. com, however you will most likely need to use a service called Dropsend.com. Dropsend.com is a free and easy tool that will allow you to send files up to 2GB in size.

Send all videos or Dropsend links to contests@casualstrolltomordor. com.

How Winners Are Selected

CSTM blog writing staff will watch all submissions and take a vote on which one they enjoyed the most!

This blu-ray is a physical object and will need to be shipped to your address. CSTM will pay to ship the items to you. We will not misuse your personal information in any way nor will it be given to any third parties. Please do not include your postal address in your entry. We will collect the mailing information of the winner after the contest ends.

Winners are limited to North America simply due to shipping costs.