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    Just as a clarifier:

    -Belcaelaraen/Leader of the Darkwood Marauders/Elf/Hunter/Imladris-

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    I for one would like to compliment bel for working hard at bringing us the SNS by herself practically, She is doing a fantastic job getting the SNS to what is is. I also have to point out, bel is a busy person, you cannot expect everything out of her, after all this is a >GAME< not a second job, so if you would please give her a encouraging word when you see her next at the socials that would be nice. ^_^

    -Gonneth Richmond.

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    Thumbs up Bel, you are appreciated!

    Bel, dear friend,

    You are a wonderful player, leader, RPer, and feather-tosser. I know, from very brief experience, how hard it is to make the SNS a success - it is impossible to please everyone, and I know you do try your best to do so. I've noticed your creative ideas for your Socials and applaud the thought, energy and enthusiasm you've put into it!

    For thread posters, I'll kindly suggest the guideline, "public praise, private criticism" to keep things constructive. I am sorry I've missed the SNS' myself lately; my RP skills are not what they should be, but I did meet some wonderful friends via past Socials, as I am sure many others have done. <shout out to all my RP friends, you rock!>

    In short, I hope things will work out, and everyone will feel welcome and have fun at future SNS' as they have in the past. Meanwhile, Bel, thank you for all that you do.

    - Ningannel
    /feathers tosses feathers to lighten Bel's heart
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    Mar 2011
    Well said, Gonneth and Ning.

    Like Ning, I've also been away for a while (school. Agh.), and I'm well aware that Bel's pretty much been running the show by herself. Kudos to her for doing so. I hope that this break will lead to even better socials, and I hope to be there to assist next time and the times after. Seriously, Bel, let me know if I need to get online ASAP and give you a hand.

    /hug Belcaelaraen


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    Bel and Skalanis are both lovely people in my book, and I think you both do a fantastic job as kin leaders and social hosts...

    The SNS events are good when everyone gets involved and interacts with one another in a creative way. The hosts job is to get it off the ground, and that's really it. I've never gone to one and felt like I had less fun because the host wasn't acting like my freakin' court jester. If people are bored after that point it's because they're boring people.

    I've been trying to get my own kin off the ground in terms of social events, but I am also incredibly busy with IRL stuff so it's been difficult. Maybe we can cooperate on something some time. I'm sure Darkside and Darkwood could come up with something great... and presumably dark.

    (Im gay too and I don't PDA everything that moves because that is not cute. It would be kind of annoying if anyone of any orientation did little other than bat eyelashes and cuddle at each other all sparkly day, dontcha think?
    I sure do. So unless somebody got all Westboro Baptist on y'all... please stop complaining, sit your asses down and ess-tee-eff-yoo.

    I came here to drink milk and kick a$s, and I've just finished my milk.

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    Wrangling it back to relevant topics, not that bringing up posts and pointing fingers isn't relevant at all oh no!

    I would like (not that I am some big kin leader of respect and renown) if people would try. TRY. to keep this from getting out of hand (well more then it already has) ON this thread. If you have a personal problem, stop. STOP posting it here/bringing it back up.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying I know the whole story or I have a right to tell you what to do. I am just giving a passionate plea to keep this place (the posts) relevant, and I cannot stress this enough, HELPFUL to bel. (in suggestions and helpful criticisms. Treat her like a person not a punching bag.)

    Again, this is a video game, if bel has to work like it's a second job, then why is she doing it? Please take the drama some place else. If you have personal problems work it out in a less public place.

    Now don't go posting "Oh but skal did it..." please don't. Thank you.

    -Gonneth a concerned citizen

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    I haven't been following this thread for a while, because when the event moved to 7 I was no longer able to attend. I missed a lot, seemingly, as Samwise said to Frodo.

    One suggestion I made some time ago was having some "guest host" nights with events hosted by other kinships or groups. This might take a bit of the pressure off the Marauders (whose commitment I appreciate!) and add some variety to the event and bring in some new faces.

    In general, let me know if I can be any help.
    Pierced by the friendship of the mortal races.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iorviel View Post
    One suggestion I made some time ago was having some "guest host" nights with events hosted by other kinships or groups. This might take a bit of the pressure off the Marauders (whose commitment I appreciate!) and add some variety to the event and bring in some new faces.
    This is a really good idea, and one I had entertained a few times. At the very least, I would like to set up something of a "safety net" of people who we can ask to help host, so if no Marauders can make it that night, there will be someone there to "host."
    But, yes. Thank you for the suggestion, it's a great one!
    -Belcaelaraen/Leader of the Darkwood Marauders/Elf/Hunter/Imladris-

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    We regret to inform you that the Saturday Night Social is hereby cancelled until further notice.

    We (the officers of the Darkwood Marauders) have been discussing plans for some time, and have all come to a single, unanimous conclusion: We can't. We are all very busy, and cannot put in the time we would like to in order to create a Social that we are proud of. It comes down to that. While we wish we could, as we all love the social with our full hearts, we just do not have the time to make it into the wonderful event we know we can.

    Please know that this decision was a tough one, and we did not make it lightly. Whenever we get things more under control, as (I'm sure you all know and live by this rule) IRL comes first, we shall (once again) begin discussion of the SNS. But for now, the tent is coming down, the food is being put away, and the fires put out.

    Thank you all for a wonderful time, and we hope to see you around! Be well, work hard, and keep in touch.

    -Belcaelaraen Thelos
    -Belcaelaraen/Leader of the Darkwood Marauders/Elf/Hunter/Imladris-

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    Is anyone pining because the SNS is temporarily out of commission? The Tarciryan Knights are having our second anniversary celebration next weekend and are hosting a scavenger hunt open to the entire server. Come in character if you please, and bring a friend as your teammate! See the main thread here on the server forum:

    Pierced by the friendship of the mortal races.


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