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    Unhappy Ringlore of Tham Mirdain Deed - bugged?

    So I'm trying to complete the deed "Ringlore of Tham Mirdain". I've run School and Library over a dozen times each, and the Ringforges of Tham Mirdain six times, but the Aged Manual of Ring-lore just wont drop.

    Has anyone else had an issue completing this deed? I believe it is supposed to drop from the Ringforge of Tham Mirdain, but have run them all just to be sure. Regardless, it has not helped.
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    Re: Ringlore of Tham Mirdain Deed - bugged?

    Did you get the one on the ground in the Ring Forges? I think off on one side near a big dread source with a Troll to protect it. Not on the direct line to Madonna Bra wearer.
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    Re: Ringlore of Tham Mirdain Deed - bugged?

    Yeah, I got that one. The Aged Manual is (according to the Lorebook and wiki) a drop only. I got it on all the toons I ran through the Forges before the ftp patch, but have not gotten it on either one i have run through it since ftp. I suspect the two things may be related. Aggravating.

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    Re: Ringlore of Tham Mirdain Deed - bugged?

    I got this deed finished on my second playthough of the Epic Instance, where I was killing Angmarim. So it still drops. Have you tried making a full clear, down to the last Orc and Pale-Folk?

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    Re: Ringlore of Tham Mirdain Deed - bugged?

    Yeah, that's what I've done every time. But it is good to know it still works, thanks. I must just be very unlucky on it. I'll keep trying

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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    You can only complete this deed during the quest: The Doom of the North (which is also repeatable at the Pool in Rivendell after completing once).
    The Torn and Aged manual are random creature drops in the instance. The Dusty and Rotten manual can be found on the floor in the second and third room with the Angmarim and Palefolk.



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