This would be Fundinn.
I had an idea that would be cool, what if we had a walk through Middle Earth
Starting from Thorins hall where Dwalin Is.
Down to the north-west corner to the shire, down through bree-land,
Thourgh the lonelands, check out weathertop and Ost guruth
Cross the bridge and go through trollshaws, head to rivendell to say hi to the elves
Jump down to Eregion and see how they are doing
Go to endwaith and visit the fishing whole and hang out there for while
Sight Seeing and such like that take pictures
Will provide fishing poles, fishing outfits, and daypacks to make it a fun Journey!
All levels recommended!!
Will decide on date, If interested
Please reply to this post or Look for Fundinn in game!

Hope too see you all soon :=)