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    Cool The Ancient Alliance is recruiting

    The Ancient Alliance remembers the vows of the past that united us all in friendship. We intend to keep those vows alive. If you are seeking a kinship with a group of adults who are laid back and fun loving the call upon us. We actively help each other with crafting. We also help each other in fellowship and like to throw a party or two now and again to revel in each others company. Light roleplaying enjoyed and we have a website up. If you are interested send a tell to Fathertyme, Thorindall, Darnell, Scringe or talk to a member you see and have him contact an officer for you. Vivat the Dream!
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    Re: The Ancient Alliance is recruiting

    Hello everyone of Middle Earth. This is an updated message from The Ancient Alliance. We have survived a year and many new changes are coming to our Kinship. With the many different paths life can take us the Kinship has continued to grow within this past year, we have lost friends and gained allies. But in the end, we are a growing family of friends within the world of Middle Earth.

    We have reached Kinship Lifespan 10, the maximum possible rank! But our numbers have been dwindling due to inactivity, but we here are not going to let that stop us from growing with the new year. We have begun implementing a lot of new in-house changes to make the atmosphere more enjoyable for all. We have laid the foundation of a stable weekly schedule of events and monthly gatherings to bring ourselves together for the greater good of both Kinship and of Middle Earth.

    We are an active Kinship growing steadily this past few months with new recruits of all levels. We assist in Crafting and the gathering of Materials. We enjoy delving into Instances and Skirmishes of all levels for all members, and recently have been organizing Raids and Endgame content Instances. Come check us out and chat with our Members and Officers to learn more and if we fit to your liking, we are always recruiting. Here is a small list of Peoples you can look up for more information - Fathertyme, Khalkazad, Hobicara, Oglind, Hellbro, Lexielou, Darnem, Errolwulf, Erandyl, Muddley, Bromyn, Tarboron and Teria just to name a few very active individuals.

    Keep an eye out for us these next few weeks for we are still in the celebrations of our One Year. We have created numerous specials events like Dagger Sparring, Fish Run's, Scringe-fish*, Hide-n-seek, and Horse Races that are welcome to ALL that want to join. Numerous Prizes have been gathered and crafted, ranging from low level gear to various high level Legendary materials and Items. Regional and Local Posts will be made occasionally, but at a minimum to keep spam down. If our celebration events are something you wish to participate in - send any of the above names a /tell and we will get you
    involved too!!!

    *Scringe-fish - is a drinking & fishing game in honor of Scringe a founding member of the Ancient Alliance. Scringe passed away back in the early fall of 2011. He was a great Kin Officer and a Wonderful Friend. We love you Scringe and you will always be in our hearts!

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    Re: The Ancient Alliance is recruiting

    I would love to join if you will accept lower level members.
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    Hi, me and 3 other of my friends are looking to join your kinship i read your posts and looked at your website and everything looks like what we are looking for, we are a lvl 75 Guardian,a lvl 75 Champion,a low lvl captain,and a lvl 75 rune keeper,would appreciate a response. and are we allowed to add more characters to kinship,we all have about 3 each,but prob wouldnt add all of them.

    thnx for your time

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    Those who are looking for friendly and helpful kin, this is the right place, i was in this kinship for some time, but due to friends i joined other kinship year ago. Still i remember this kinship with good word and with some great members and people !

    Good luck Ancient Alliance and i hope you will keep the thing right way as you did and i hope its still active and they are looking for new people !




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