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    Returning player - how can I tell what expansions I have on my account?

    I'm returning to LotRO after about a 2 year absence!

    Now that it's on the free to play model I'm a little confused as to what I will be missing out on. I see that I am classified as a "Premium" member, which supposedly means that I've spent money in the Turbine Store? I don't think I have...

    However, I do have warden and runekeeper unlocked. Does that mean I purchased the Mines of Moria expansion at some point? I don't see any indication of what is and isn't on my account at the Account site.

    My primary concern is that I'm going to be missing out on quest lines, making leveling harder, or missing out on other important aspects of the game. I have no idea WHAT I am missing out on, and that's where I wanted a bit of advice.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Returning player - how can I tell what expansions I have on my account?

    If you originally bought the game and played it then you are a premium member.
    If you also bought the Moria expansion then you can play a Warden or Runekeeper.
    If however, the RK or Warden is shown as being creatable but has a unlock symbol
    next to it , then you will have to go to the Lotro Store to get it unlocked, which will require
    that you buy Moria or some other Exp pack to unlock the characters.

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    Re: Returning player - how can I tell what expansions I have on my account?

    Ok so I definitely have the Moria expansion then.

    With what I have, at what level will I need to be concerned with missing out on quests, major gameplay elements (skirmishes?), etc..?

    I might end up going VIP, since after all I was used to paying a monthly fee. Unless that isn't the best idea anymore, and if there are just certain important things to buy as a premium user and then be good to go with everything important?

    Thank you again

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    Re: Returning player - how can I tell what expansions I have on my account?

    If you are able to purchase a quest pack in the store, then you do not own it.

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    Re: Returning player - how can I tell what expansions I have on my account?

    All players now have full access to all the quests and deeds in the Shire, Breeland, Ered Luin and the Lonelands. All players also have full access to the Epic Quest line regardless of where it takes them in the landscape. On a new character, the 'free to play' areas will get you to about level 30 or so.

    Once you get past that area, if you do not subscribe, you will still have access to the landscape but not the quests and deeds in other areas (except for any you had in progress when you stopped playing previously). You will probably need to buy a few quest areas to level a character up to 50, when you could enter Moria and hope to live...Though the dwarves will repeatedly tell you that you are ill-equipped to enter Moria

    Since you got the Moria expansion previously, you will have access to all the deeds, quests and instances in Moria and Lothlorien. Somewhere between 62-65, you will want to buy the Mirkwood expansion to enter those areas, and possibly Enedwaith, which has many quests as well as the new raid cluster.

    The other thing that you won't have, I believe, is access to all the skirmishes. Some are provided for everyone, whether they are f2p, premium or subscribers. I'll leave that to someone else to explain, since I am not sure of what you get and what you need to purchase.
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    Re: Returning player - how can I tell what expansions I have on my account?

    You're going to be able to do all of the starter areas, all of Bree land, and the Lone Lands quests, and none of those are going to cost you anything. That'll get you up to around level 30. So your big gap is going to be level 30-50 that you're going to want to buy some quest packs to fill in.

    You don't need to but the packs, but it'll be a lot of grinding without them.

    I'd suggest Evendim. With it's latest revamp, it'll get you from finishing the Lone Lands up to around level 40. Then there's a few options from there.
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    Re: Returning player - how can I tell what expansions I have on my account?

    Sprint over too eregion break throught the gate of moria and try to talk to the dwarves without being shunned. Then sprint to lorein and mirkwood the same way

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    Re: Returning player - how can I tell what expansions I have on my account?

    Thank you all so much - extremely clear and concise answers. Exactly what I needed to know.

    So I don't even have to pay to play at all until I'm around level 30, and then minimal purchases - great news!

    Thanks again

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    Re: Returning player - how can I tell what expansions I have on my account?

    I think it's best if you approach VIP as a tool that you may use in a wide variety of ways. While VIP you are essentially renting all the pre-expansion content and accumulating 500TP a month. You also get several benefits on any character logged in while VIP. There are tons of ways of using this.

    If you expect to have a single main character and no real alts then a strong case can be made for going VIP for however long it takes you to reach level-cap and then let VIP lapse and purchase whatever end-game content you like.

    Casual players who play less hours/week clearly get less hours of entertainment for their VIP dollar since they are renting. For the casual players it's often better for them to just buy TPs and purchase the content they want.

    Alt-aholics have a more difficult choices. They definitely want to VIP for a while for all the benefits that gets you. They tend to earn a decent amount of TP in-game, but they might get bored of doing the same content frequently and might really appreciate the convenience factor of not having to worry about what content they have purchased.

    If you have the money for it, the TPs you could buy with a years worth of subscription costs should easily buy you pretty much all the content, especially if you wait for a good deal on TP or buy quest-packs on sale. Even if you do this there are sizable benefits for all characters logged-in while VIP, so going VIP for one month is still a great idea.

    You can also use the occasional month of VIP here and there to taste-test content to see if you might want it in the future. I just used up a month of VIP and while I spent most of the time leveling alts to 20 for riding skill I also took my main to the North Downs to get a taste of it. This is an interesting option if you ever find yourself needing 500 TP for something and think you might want to explore other areas as well.

    The most common short term use of VIP is definitely to level up several characters to 20 for the free riding skill quest and the huge amount of other benefits that comes from a character having been VIP at some point.

    We shouldn't discount the simple convenience factor of just staying VIP so that you know the content is available to you and you can spend your 500TP/month on whatever you want. Plenty of people stay VIP just for convenience and to support Turbine.

    I'm personally a casual-ish alt-aholoic (I realize that combo doesn't work well, but I'm not in a hurry). I went VIP by purchasing MoM from gametimezone.com and used that time to level several alts to 20 for riding skill and check out North Downs. At some point in the future I plan on accumulating a ton of crafting resources and going VIP for a month in an attempt to get kindred with as many guilds as possible. I may also go VIP at some point to experience Trollshaws and Angmar, which are not currently on my "to-be-bought" list.

    VIP is an interesting tool, use it in whatever manner works best for you.



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