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    Thramili's Khuzdul Dictionary(revisited)

    Added new words; sorted many words; Corrections; added phrases (still in rough draft, still revising. Making it sound less uncared for (like Orcish ) )

    Khuzdul, the secret language ONLY KNOWN by dwarves (and a few lucky Noldor, which are all but extinct). AND ONLY spoken when NO OTHER RACES (The speaking peoples) are around. The only common words in Khuzdul known is the famous battle cry, Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu! meaning Axes of the Dwarves! The Dwarves are upon you!
    I created these Khuzdul words for serious dwarf RPers, which should only be spoken in private with other dwarves. There are a few dictionaries found in the internet (Which I will link). I find that many don't find words that I like to use while RPing so I made with word list while trying to keep the rules of khuzdul, and the radicals as well.

    Thramili’s Khuzdul (Derived of Haakon’s Khuzdul, and Toady One’s Armokian along with other extrapolated resources)
    Notes: If a suffix is used in midsentence (Trade of Bree) then it would be Gartazd-u-Khuradh.
    Singular - Plural - Of (Axes of -) (Order of words)
    Notice on ‘the’: There is not word for ‘the’ it is implied.
    Notice on ‘Of -’: Of - is shown on here as Plural, to show singular make the vowels switch place (E.g. Plural: Faluk Singular: Fulak)
    Notice on showing possessive plurals: To make your word possessive (Forge’s) use singular with a the suffix ‘-me’ (deprived from khuzdul word, men(u) meaning you/me) at the end
    General words (Adjectives, random words, unknown words)

    Craft/forge (Verb) - : Fulk | Falak | Faluk (Hand+hammer)
    Wonderful/good - Gamut
    Complete - Zirup
    Forge - Sarkhuh/Sarkhah/Serkhuh
    Gloves/Gauntlets - Murk/Marak/Maruk
    Language (written) - Aglametk (Language (Spoken) + Language (Sign)
    Trade - Gartazd
    Waggon/Caravan - Kuzet/Kazat/Kazut
    ??? - Nazurk
    Eat - Deraz
    Food/Rations - Dulaz
    Wealth/ Of Value - Luzdh (Of Value - Luzdhu)
    In/Of/To/For/By - -U
    Evil/Wicked/Vile - Ozodl
    Umkempt - Dizhat (Insult - Dizhat-turg, someone with a unkempt beard)
    Book, Studying - Nuzuh
    Fuluz - Chair, Stool
    Forest, Trees - Guhuh
    Map - Fuvuz
    Pride - Nikuz
    Something of poor craftsmanship. - Gulur
    Something of superior craftmanship - Gurul
    Penny/Coin/Shilling - Nalk/Nuluk/Naruk
    Man - Un?
    Abhor, Hate - Ezun
    Abhorness, Hatred - Ezam
    Mining Pick - Ferg/Farag/Ferug
    Blessing - Duym/Dayam/Duyam
    Bane - Ugog
    Gift, offering - Dolek
    offering of peace/friendship or goodwill - Dorok
    ??? - Funm/Fanam /Funam
    Bald - SHar
    Service - Dushuk
    Land - Azunr/Azanar/Azanur
    Blue - Halk
    Lone - Ghulin
    Lonely - Ghunum
    Hero - Kholoh
    Victory - Khayam
    - Yulz/Yalaz/Yulaz
    ??? - Trugz/Tragaz/Trugaz
    ??? - Bruhs/Brahas/Bruhas
    ??? - Tuks/Takas/Tukas
    ??? - Tund/Tanad/Tunad
    ??? - Nult
    ??? - Ghurn
    ??? Zithim
    ??? - Khund
    ??? - Gholiz
    Stone - Kunzek
    ??? - Nukhuz
    Excavated Tunnel/Delving - Gund/Ganad/Ganud
    Ale - Goraz
    Beer - Gorog
    Lager - Garan
    Mead - Goroj
    Strong - Kheluz
    Day/Light - Manan
    Night/Dark - Nanan
    Rest/Sleep - Hurun
    Thank - Dolzekh
    Strike - Abod
    (Middle-)earth - Amuriz
    Everlasting - Isimun
    Ever - Imun
    Travel - Nalim
    Foe - Onuzn/Onazin/Onuzan
    Khiluz - Family
    Star(s) - Zinlaz (Fire+Night+Glass/mirror)

    O- - Negative intonation
    (ogamat - not good)
    A- - Feminizes the word
    (azbad - lady)
    U- - Masculates the word
    (uzbad - lord)
    I- Lowers the caste of the word
    (izbad - lord of low ranking)
    E- Raises the caste of the word
    (ezbad - lord of high ranking)
    Sanu- - Past tense
    Natu- - Future tense
    Ai- - At/Upon

    Steel - Guzukh/------/Gazukh
    Iron - Guzuz/-----/Gazuz
    Mithril - Eziluk/-----/Ezulik
    Metal - Khelagh
    Gold - limul
    Copper - Feguz

    Traits (of a person)/Roles
    Soldier, Warrior (Esp. Dwarf) - Khuhaj
    Friend/Brother/Sister - Khuzsh/Khâzash/Khazush
    Folk(s)/People(s)/Person(‘s) - Guzm/Gazam/Gazum
    Hero - Khozoh
    Ma’am, Mistress,- Az-
    Mister,Master,Sir - Uz- (Uz-Dwalini - Master Dwalin)
    Slang for trapper (esp. a Dwarven one) - Gozok

    Dwarf/Dwarves/Dwarves of- - Khuzd/Khazad/Khazud
    Elf/Elves/Elves of- - Khulm/Khalam/Khulam
    Man/Men/Men of- - Burm/Baram/Barum
    Hobbit, Halfling - Bushg/Bashag/Bashug
    Dourhand/Dourhands/Dourhands of- - Ozith-Mulk/Malak/Maluk
    Steed (Horse, Pony, Goat) - Fuzl/Fazal/Fazul

    Names (of places)/Terrains/directions

    Shire -Busegn
    Bree - Akuteg (man+town+west)
    Bungolz - Dale (dale+town)
    North - Luh
    South - Hugn
    West - Kutg
    East - Fel
    Mine (Place) - Fenuln (Cave+Mining)
    Hill - Bhund/Bhanad/Bhunad
    Mountains - Bulnd/Baland/Buland
    Gondamon (Common: Rockhill) - Kunzehbhund
    Everclear Lakes - Isumkheled-ziram
    Starmere Lake - Zinlaz-ziram
    The Blue Mountains - Harn Baland
    The Lonely Mountain - Ghunum Bulnd
    The Iron Hills - Gazaz Bhanad

    Some common phrases
    (Rough draft, feel free to post phrases dwarves would say in Khuzdul)

    At Your Service - ai-menu Duzhuk
    Blessings of the Ancestors Upon You (A farewell)- Dayamu Khuzan-ai menu
    By Durin's/Aule's Beard! - Durinu-me/Mahalu-me turg!
    You forge with the ancients - Menu ziramu gamildul
    Blessings of the Ancestors Upon You (A farewell)- Dayamu Khuzan ai-menu
    Thank You - Dolzekh Menu
    Dwarves Strike the Earth! - Khazad abod amuriz! (Dwarvish saying, and occasional battle-call. May be used in front of other races, but translation not allowed, IC translation that is)

    (Special thanks to Haakon and Inboram, who made much of this language, and gave me an idea add my own)

    Note on unknown words: Feel free to request to give a meaning to one of those words, if it already exists I won't add it, if it doesn't, I'll add it for you. Please specify with word to meaning (one person - two word meanings, unless there isn't any other people who want to add words)
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  2. On the topic of Neo-Khuzdul. I've made 2 PDF dictionaries (289 pages each) for all to download and use.
    These might come in handy for Dwarven RP-ers.

    Some points to take into account concerning these:
    * These differ quite a lot from Thramili's Khuzdul Dictionary - mainly as other sources were used to create these.
    * This is a Beta version - meaning that some items might not be included as yet.
    * As the other lessons - which can be found HERE, the content is based on
    a) Tolkien's writings
    b) David Salo's writings
    c) Khuzdul Vocabulary used in LOTRO
    d) Adûnaic
    e) Modern day semitic languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.

    * These dictionaries do not contain information related to conjugation, tenses, systems or word order, however other documents below do.



    Search Tip: As these are in PDF, the easiest way to search is simpy to use CRTL-F and type what you need.

    For those of you that were wondering where I got much of the information related to neo-khuzdul, many of the below documents contain source references.

    Now, one thing that I noticed when reading about khuzdul is that much of what is written to date is written in a language that requires a degree in linguistics.... with the below documents I tried to avoid that as much as I could and make this accessible to all.

    I hope these will help any lotro dwarf RP-er with an interest in the language.

    KHUZDUL VERBS (Schematic)


    KHUZDUL TENSES (Explained with examples)

    KHUZDUL SCALED FORMS (Schematic of Comperatives, Superlatives and Sublatives)

    KHUZDUL SCALED FORMS (Rules of Comperatives, Superlatives and Sublatives)

    KHUZDUL COMPERATIVE FORMS (Rules on Comperatives)



    KHUZDUL PERSONAL FORMS (Explained with examples)

    KHUZDUL NEUTRAL FORMS (Rules on how to create plurals from root)

    KHUZDUL NEUTRAL FORMS (Schematic on how to create plurals from root)

    KHUZDUL NUMBERS (Numbers and form explained)

    KHUZDUL ALPHABET (Angerthas Moria & Angerthas Erebor)

    KHUZDAZ CALENDAR (overview 2011-2015)

    KHUZDAZ CALENDAR (detailed for 2011-2012)

    DWARVEN NUMBERS CONVERTER (spreadsheet tool to convert numbers)
    NOTE: Cirth Font (by Dan Smith) required!

    DWARVEN MEASUREMENT UNIT CONVERTER (spreadsheet tool to convert modern day measurements into dwarven measurements).


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    I have been looking for a Khuzdul dictionary for some time now becouse i RP both my dwarves. I want to stay true to lore so I have a few questions. Is this legit, did Tolkien or someone close to him write these works? Or did some random mmorpg player just write them?
    Chrisandir, man Captain 100 | Raxus dwarf Guardian 51 | Chrorin dwarf Hunter 30 | Strillo hobbit Burglar 3 | Butche man Champion 29 |
    | Falaminianteraglith dwarf Runekeeper 20 | Randu man Lore-master 17 | Nafthali woman Warden 12 |

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    This is so beautiful, thank you for making this. I play nothing but Dwarves (I have a huge obsession), and this will be great.

  5. FYI - the bad news is... the previously mentioned documents are no longer available...

    The good news is that I've made available extensive new dictionaries and support documents:





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