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    Re: Imladris OD Raid Progression

    Guys, let's do not derail this thread, please?
    And well, rohirrim has completed T2 disease challenge for the third time this week (it doesn't got to the first post, so.. sorry )
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    Re: Imladris OD Raid Progression

    People shouldn't look at oh there is new content in a month, so there's no point of getting it. It's an MMORPG at the end of the day, content will always be updating, as long as you are having fun acquiring items that's all that matters, if you keep looking towards the future, really you are never going to have any fun in any MMORPG.

    Besides have a look at OD, it encompasses everything you need from the previous content, it is why I like LOTRO for example poison wing, you would wear 3 pieces of moria gear, as a champ with 3 pieces of OD doing the watcher raid was useful to get the helm, so I can have helm/brestplate/leggings and shoulders/gloves/shoes as OD set. Oh and when I first was doing it, I had other acid defence stuff so I had 3 pieces of moria and 3 pieces of the dwarrowdelf, either that or the purple moria 3 piece set which gave acid defence.

    You got Ivar where you would really want the BG set for the shadow defence, you got the DN set which your loremasters should be using for gortheron tier 2 or so I have heard. see? all raid gear has relevance, that DN/moria/BG is still used and I am sure they will find a way to make sure the OD set is also used. it is a massive gap but I do not think the lotro game designers are so stupid to say oh its 10 levels you get to start all over again based on what they have been doing, however I do have a feeling they are not going to dabble on acid as much but more about huge DOT's which the last set bonus of OD would give, that's my thinking anyway.

    anyway just enjoy the game guys, everybody here is just for fun, if the game gets to a point where you have to complain about it, either do something about it or quit, anyway let this just be the raid progression and about everyone who are doing them having a good time

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    Re: Imladris OD Raid Progression

    MDCT completed Ivar T2C tonight.
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    Re: Imladris OD Raid Progression

    Quote Originally Posted by Tityla View Post
    MDCT completed Ivar T2C tonight.
    MDCT gains mojo +1

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    Re: Imladris OD Raid Progression

    A pug completed full OD on T1 two days ago. 5 players from "Dude wheres my goat". Thanks to everyone else who joined us.
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    Re: Imladris OD Raid Progression

    Grats on you pug aragonis Time to get the OD T2 pug though

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    Re: Imladris OD Raid Progression

    I know Forbidden Few have completed at least 1 wing, i think disease.
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    Re: Imladris OD Raid Progression

    Please see first post- I won't be updating this thread anymore due to the level cap increase. Good luck with the new content, everyone!
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