Hi there! Mae govannan! Wazzup!

I have two questions which, after a careful search, cannot find answers for.

1) What determines the list order for my character list on my blog page? It's not alphabetical. It's not order of creation, last played, by level or even by the unique numerical ID the character is tagged with (assuming it's the one in the numerical url to the character's details page). So I know what it's not, but I have no idea what it is. I'm confused.

2) How do I change my visible name from what I use to log in with, to what I want people to see? Is it a VIP thing? For example, I, at one point, changed the name visible on my personal page/blog and the forums to Reindert, but I can't remember how. Unlike question one, this is realistically important to me because my son has started playing and he wants to use the name of his main character as his forum/blog name.

Any insight?