Win a PAX East Swag Bundle from A Casual Stroll to Mordor!

We’ve gathered all our PAX East Swag and even collected some goodies sent to us from Steiner-Davion from DDOCast and are finally ready to give it all away!

We have a total of 4 prize packages to give away. Each package includes:

1 LOTRO Swag Messenger Bag
1 PAX East Exclusive Horse Code
1 large LOTRO button
2 small one ring buttons

Entering this contest is easy. Leave a comment on our blog post answering the following question:

What will you name your brand new horse?

All comments submitted must have a PG-Rating (we are a family site). Any vulgar or just plain adult entries are subject to being discarded.

This contest is open from April 2 through April 8, 2011 at 11:59pm EST (-4 GMT). Entries received after this cutoff time will be discarded.

The blog prize bundles are physical objects and will need to be shipped to your address. CSTM will pay to ship the items to you. We will not misuse your personal information in any way nor will it be given to any third parties. Please do not include your postal address in your entry. We will collect the mailing information of the winner after the contest ends.

  • Winners of the blog swag bundles are limited to North America simply due to shipping costs.
  • PAX East mount codes are only valid for the Turbine client and will not work on the Codemasters system.
  • Any Turbine player is eligible to enter. Even if an European player with a free Turbine account!
  • All winners for our contests are chosen at random. There is no advantage to posting first. All entries within the selected timeframe are eligible to win.
  • Mount codes expire April 30th so do not dawdle in entering the code!