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    Locked forums/not really logged in?

    So, about bit over half the time I go to the forum, I am greeted by this.

    So, as you can see, all the forums are "locked." When I click on a forum, it simply reloads the main forum page, but now without the locks. I can then proceed. But when I come back to the front page, even if I have other properly-functioning forum tabs open, I'll often get these "locked" forums, if I don't get logged out entirely. The weird thing is that, even when I am fully logged out, reloading the page a few times will log me in (I have it set to "remember me" on the login page).

    What is up with your cookies, Turbine? Using Chrome, BTW, but it happens in Firefox, too.
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    Re: Locked forums/not really logged in?

    Same thing happens to me. I also have to click on links at least 3 times before they take me to where I want to go (I click Dev Tracker, it reloads that front page. I click Dev Tracker, it reloads that front page. I click Dev Tracker, I finally get the Dev Tracker.)

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    Re: Locked forums/not really logged in?

    These "features" have been reported by hundreds -- if not thousands -- of folks. The annoyances you describe happen to me constantly (it took three attempts for me to navigate to this thread after I logged in to reply).

    For what it's worth, here is a link to the "Community Site Known Issues" official thread: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...Community-Site. If you browse the thread, you'll find others reporting these same problems.

    In addition to what the OP observed, I find I can *never* navigate to a thread via the forum search function; I am simply returned to the search results. This makes the forums extremely unfriendly. I find that my lotro research time is spent more productively on non-Turbine websites.

    Another source of constant frustration to me is that player character information (for example, Friend Activity or Kinship Activity) does not reliably nor consistently update. As of this writing, all character information for my subscription on my.lotro.com is six days out of date and counting. I submit weekly bug reports on that particular issue; often, the character data mysteriously updates shortly after I submit a bug report, almost as if someone on the other end pressed a button to force an update.

    Do note the word "Beta" that is still featured prominently after the word "Community". I believe that the Community Website has now been in public beta twice as long as Lotro was!
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