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    Question about Reputation Items

    I'm new to LOTRO so I wasn't sure which forum in which to post this.

    Edit: Woops... Read the title of the forum as LOTRO Feedback and Information. Completely skipped over the Lottery part. Silly me...
    Edit 2: I know some forums really hate when you double post a thread and I don't see a delete option for this one. Can a mod move it or someone just answer here?

    Anyway, I bartered 11 Gift Mathoms (700 rep each) to the Mathom Society just a little while ago, but when I checked my reputation, it was still 1000/20000 when it should have gone up by 7700. I turned in a 12th a little while after and the reputation went up properly to 1700. While it doesn't seem like it should matter, the only difference I can think of between the two times I bartered in the Gift Mathoms was that I had locked the first stack of 11 (to prevent myself from selling it to vendors) while the last I turned in was not locked. I hadn't gone up any levels or completed any Mathom Society related quests. Is this a glitch or is there something I'm missing? I don't care too much about the rep points lost. I'd just like to know why it happened so I don't do it again for other factions.
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    Re: Question about Reputation Items

    Hmm the only reason I can think of is that you passed a reputation level. 11 * 700 would be 7700 rep. You need 10000 rep to reach acquaintance. So if you had 4300 to begin with it would take you past acquaintance and into the next level, which is to reach friend level.

    And yeah this should be moved to Deeds, Traits and Titles thread I think.
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    Re: Question about Reputation Items

    Thanks. I think that's what happened. I was pretty laggy so I was missing some notifications but I'm an acquaintance now so I'm guessing I was part way through neutral before.

    On a side note, the Deeds, Traits and Titles thread was locked for me yesterday. I could view it, just not start a new thread. I could only add a new thread to about 10 different forums in this section and the free players one. Not sure why all of them are available to me now.



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