A while back my friend and I started The Defenders of the North to be a kin for he and I. This has been rather boring. So, I have decided to expand the kinship and let others in. I am relatively new to the leader thing but I am trying my best. I made a kin website that is currently under construction. But a little about my plans for this kin... I myself do a lot of PvMP, so we would go on raids in the moors often. I also look to do some of the new instances so we would run them as well. And also, for lower levels we would try to help as much as possible. All classes, levels, and experiences are welcome. Under 18 year olds are permitted, but only those that are mature please.
Anyway, I would really like to start grouping and do maybe some moors run soon so please consider joining! You can contact me via ingame tells/mail or by visiting our website(work in progress) at http://defendersofthenorth.guildlaun...thenorth&gid=0 (you will have to make a guildlaunch account to apply). I will be either on Mandalf, Stapleton, or Bombust ingame. Thanks for your time!