If you don't know me, my guardian is Fundinn, accompanyment of Thorin during the quest of Erebor
I was slain beneath the east gate of Khaza-Dum, during the Batlle of Azanulbizar during the war of
dwarves and orcs..

But Lately I been in Alliance of Hope, a great kinship, good on raiding
But their raiding times are about my time 3:00am in the mornin'
So I noticed, "You know what, I haven't whoed up to mroe than 2 raids in the last 4 months."

So I am a level 65 tank, great at my class, both dps with board and, dps with large sword
and tanking of course

But I am looking for a kinship that can help myself in raiding times that are earlier than the ones I
were in.
I am a good listener, I know most raids, and active when asked
Also looking for a large active kinship too for this weekly raiding.
I also attempted the poisong and desase wing in OD

But if any kin is looking for a guardian, I am here and looking for a new raiding kinship!
Thanks Arkenstone!