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    R8 kinship for sale...

    Firstly Let me state this is not my kinship, I'm merely helping a friend...
    Secondly in review of lotro t&a, eula, etc..this does not break ANY rules...that i"m aware of...

    Thirdly onto the info... .

    My friend and current kinleader has decided to absolve himself of the last of his duties as the only kin member left in his kinship. He has a Rank 8 kinship, with Kin house, complete with all 3 chests. The kinhouse is located in the Bree.

    This is not a firesale, or someone looking to junk an active kinship. He and the remainder of his kinship have been welcomed into new families and the kinhouse/r8 kinship is now up on the block for sale, rather than just disbanding it.

    If you'd like a turnkey r8 kinship and forgo the 6 month wait to own your own kinship house, send me(yemon) a mail ig with any questions you might have and I'll put you and the seller together to complete the deal.

    Current asking price is 30g
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    Re: R10 kinship for sale...

    Interesting. I think this is the first time I have ever seen someone trying to sell a kinship for in-game gold. Although I'm sure it has happened in the past.

    And even though I have not researched it, I think your right that this does not break the rules because there is no real world money changing hands.

    Now this begs the question...could this turn into an in-game money making scheme? Kinship farming? Leveling kinships and acquiring a kin house and such and then selling it....then doing it again...

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    Re: R8 kinship for sale...

    Quote Originally Posted by Intrinsity View Post
    Interesting. I think this is the first time I have ever seen someone trying to sell a kinship for in-game gold. Although I'm sure it has happened in the past.
    Has happened many times but usually the posts are in the Kin or Trade forums. I've seen both WTS kin and WTB kin posts.
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    Re: R10 kinship for sale...

    Why not just create a few alts, populate the kin with the alts, and keep it for a massive house? 300s a week is not a ton of rent.
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    Re: R10 kinship for sale...


    thanks for the interest folks

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    r10 kinships for sale

    I recently returned to game after 2 yrs absence to find both kin i had been an officer of had become defunct, so i would like to sell them for 500 gold each please contact me on aureisumus@gmail.com



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