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    Aur Forod: A Windfola CHA-BOW!

    Come one, come all to Aur Forod!

    We are recruiting all classes, all classless. Experienced LOTRO folk and younguns alike. Bring your seniors, bring your babies. Bring your señors and your babes.

    Bring your mercy, for the jokes are tasteless.

    Fill out your adoption papers here > http://aurforod.mmoguildsites.com

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    Re: Aur Forod: A Windfola CHA-BOW!


    Good people in this kin can't go wrong here. Good luck aur forod

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    Re: Aur Forod: A Windfola CHA-BOW!

    Awww . . . you're sweet to say so. And a little insane. We also loves The D'Haran Empire, we are just too 'East Coast' for your gang. So it goes. Time zones - they hates us, precious.

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    Re: Aur Forod: A Windfola CHA-BOW!

    Marvelous story on your website posted by Victor. Love the way you twisted the lyrics to the great Ten years After classic.

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    Re: Aur Forod: A Windfola CHA-BOW!

    I just have to say one thing, Oud rhymes with food. <3 Oud

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    Thumbs up Hobbit

    And Bring your Hobbit, because we do love hobbits



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