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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Gem of Longevity

    +100 In-combat Morale Regen
    +300 Morale
    + 30 Vit

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Setting of the Bullroarer

    All offense
    Devastating Critical damage

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Mithril Setting of Durin

    All Critical Ratings
    Devastate Critical Magnitude
    Attack Quickness

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Setting of Longevity

    Regen Health
    Regen Power
    •All avoidances (b/p/e)

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Extraordinary Setting/Gem/Rune of Hardiness

    1300 Inc Healing
    650 Melee Defence
    112 ICPR

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Durins Avoidance Moonstone Setting

    +2% All avoidances (b/p/e)
    +1200 Incoming Healing
    +2% All Crit Defences

    Dúnedain Gem of the West

    +2.5% Morale
    +2.5% Power
    +2.5% Armour

    Rune of Mitheithel

    +150 In Combat Power Regen
    +150 In Combat Morale Regen
    +2500 Non Combat Morale & Power Regen
    +70 Fate
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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Setting of the Juggernaut

    All Crit Defenses
    Block Rating

    Rune of the Harrier

    Increased Threat (a way to give champs a fighting chance at taking on the role of tank)
    Attack Speed
    Devastating Damage (or Item Wear, if that would be more balanced... or maybe even All Avoidances)

    Gem of the Endless Hunt

    All Crits
    Devastating Damage

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Shard of the Arkenstone (gem)

    +1500 incoming healing
    -2.5% attack duration
    +650 all offense ratings

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Unique Relic of Sacrifice:

    +5% max health
    -5% max power
    +500 all defenses
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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Gem of Vigor

    Incoming healing
    Regen health

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Remnant gem of the Forsaken People

    +All Critical
    +Devastating Critical damage

    and maybe
    + incoming healing

    Flexible enough that it can be useful to all classes! I hope you guys agree.

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Unique Gem of the Elven-heart

    +650 to all Offense Ratings
    +200 Morale
    +22 Will

    Should be reminiscent to a caster class, and valuable to it too.

    Here's another sample I thought up of:

    Unique Rune of the Fallen Kingdom

    +234 All Crit Defense Ratings
    +645 Block Rating
    +45 in-combat Morale regen

    Good for a tanking class

    and here's my last, a setting:

    Unique Setting of the Wizards

    +20 Vitality
    +200 Morale
    +600 Evade Rating

    Should be built to benefit most classes
    [US] Imladris:
    Anielleth, 42
    [EU] Gilrain:
    Sarathaela, 65, Doleanor, 65, Gwendareniel, 33, Eoswyth, 30, Nimnael, 26, Doratheline, 25, Galadhanoriel, 20

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Rose-tinted Gem of the Optimist (Gem)
    (a defensive/survival option for grouping)
    • Morale
    • Incoming Healing
    • Regen Power

    Logical Rune of the Skeptic (Rune)
    (a defensive option when not grouping to make up for lack of healing)
    • All Avoidances (b/p/e)
    • All Defenses (m/r/t)

    Protruding Setting of the Belligerent (Setting)
    (for when the best defense is a strong offense)
    • All Offense
    • All Critical
    • Morale

    Note: no dev crit on here because that has a tiny impact on damage.
    At best (if your dev chance is capped at 5%), +7.5% dev crit damage adds less than 0.2% dps.

    BONUS (to fix the lack of crafted relics for tanks):

    Symbol of Survival (CRAFTED)
    (the nearest equivalents for tanks to offense and healing which other classes use)
    • Melee Defence
    • Incoming Healing
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    Red face Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    gem of devastating tactics
    +tactical crit
    +tactical offence

    rune of catastrophic power
    +max power
    -attack duration

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Extraordinary setting of Valinor

    All offense
    All critical
    Devastating critical damage

    Extraordinary gem of Andor

    Healing (inc healing)

    Extraordinary rune of Endor

    Attack speed
    All critical defense

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Legendary Rune of Epic Power

    Regen Health
    Regen Power
    +1 to LI Legacies


    Legendary Rune of Virtues
    Regen Health
    Regen Power
    +1 to equipped virtues

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    The recent relic changes are headed in the right direction, but what the system is missing is relics that are truly desirable. This can be changed by adding relics that have 4 things on them. Make them a part of the current melding system and make them require a high amount of shards/extraordinary relics to make.

    Maybe say 6 extraordinary relics and 1900 shards. Make them all have 4 stats and make at least 3 of each item, setting, gem, and rune. Also making some new and improved crafted relics would be a nice bonus.

    There should be 3 of each of the categories. I dont have any witty names but this is what I came up with.


    7.5% partial block
    7.5% parial parry
    7.5% partial evade
    1200 melee def

    50 vit
    50 will
    250 icpr
    250 icmr


    400 all offense
    400 all crit
    300 morale
    250 power

    8.5% dev crit
    -10% attack speed
    200 morale
    700 melee def

    50 fate
    50 vit
    50 will
    400 icpr


    all avoidances
    all resistances
    -12% item wear
    -5% attack speed

    550 morale
    550 power (for those who have worked to max their stats and just want raw power and morale, you get a higher return with this one, but only get 2 items instead of 4)

    900 all offense
    1200 all crit
    5% dev crit
    150 morale

    i think something like this would be very nice, give us something to work towards with the relics. Make the cost of them high but not overwhelming. IMO there should also be some uber rare relics that drop from the raids, that would go into the crafted slot (basically create orange relics that can drop from the chests)

    those could be uber awesome and look something like this

    1800 all offense
    2000 all crit
    400 morale
    400 power
    300 icmr

    650 morale
    1500 melee def
    5% dev mag CHANCE (like the clicky on baingrist but a full time 5%, so theoretically our dev crit could hover around 7-10% base)
    200 icpr
    40 will

    the legendary system can really be something awesome, as long as its a rewarding process and you feel like you have accomplished something. Its nice getting a tell from a random stranger that says, 'wow! nice legendary weapon!' its a good feeling, it makes you think the hours you invested into making it, was worth the effort.

    Hope to see some great things coming out this year with Isengard.
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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Subtle Rune of Survival
    +1500 Inc Healing
    +520 M/R/T Defence Ratings.
    +200 morale


    Subtle Rune of Survival
    +1500 Inc Healing
    +520 M/R/T Defence Ratings.
    +200 power

    Adamant gem of steadfast
    +250 Crit defense
    +200 Morale
    -2.5% attack duration


    Adamant gem of steadfast
    +250 Crit defense
    +200 Power
    -2.5% Attack duration
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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Rune of the Juggernaut
    +250 Morale
    +100 In Combat Morale Regeneration
    +Moderately Reduced Item Wear From Combat

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Extroadinary Rune of Critical Condition

    -5% Attack Duration
    +7.5% Devastating Critical Magnitude
    +22 Agility

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Might of the Maiar
    All Crit
    All Offense

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    for healers
    icpr, outgoing healing and power
    for dps
    all crit, all offenses, icpr

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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Unique Rune of (Monk) Meditation

    - Morale
    - In-Combat Power Regen
    - All Offence

    Inspired by the Oriental Monk Meditation. Thanks to the meditation he searches the perfect equilibrium of soul. This makes him tougher to take down and aquire the perfect knowledge of his skills so he can do more damage without fatigue.
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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Exquisite Gem of Armament

    All Defense (+600 Melee/Tactical/Range Defense Rating)
    Incoming Healing (+1500 Incoming Healing)
    Morale (+200 Morale)
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    Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Rune of the Bowmaster

    Attack Speed

    Sorry if I think in terms of a Hunter...that's my main character.


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