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    Design a Unique Relic!

    Not finding the exact Relic you want? Want to let the Devs know what mods your perfect Unique Relic would have? Now is your chance! From now until Monday, March 28th, we’ll be taking suggestions for three new Level 65 Unique Relics to be added to the game in an upcoming release. On Monday, Zombie Columbus and the rest of the LOTRO Systems Team will take a look at your suggestions and select their favorites. Then we’ll create a poll for the community to vote on the selected Relics. The highest voted Unique Relics for each of the three slot locations will be added to the game in a future update.

    Thread Rules:
    This is not a discussion or a debate thread. Post your suggested relic and any supporting comments in your initial post and then allow others to post theirs. Zombie Columbus will be monitoring this thread and may comment on submissions. This is not an invitation to play ‘ask the devs’. The Community Guidelines will be strictly enforced in this thread. Off-topic posts, flames or disagreements will be removed without comment.

    How to build a Relic:

    • Give your Relic a name. Creativity counts, but make it fit with other Relic names you see in game.
    • Your Relic can fill either the Setting, Gem, or Rune slots.
    • Select 3 mods from the list below to add to your Unique Relic. (We will consider Relics with 2 or 4 mods, but 3 is preferred.)
      • Will
      • Might
      • VIT
      • AGI
      • Fate
      • Health
      • Power
      • Regen Health
      • Regen Power
      • Healing
      • All offense
      • All critical
      • All resistances
      • Block
      • Partial Block Mitigation
      • Parry
      • Partial Parry Mitigation
      • Evade
      • Partial Evade Mitigation
      • All avoidances (b/p/e)
      • Item wear
      • Attack speed
      • Devastating Critical damage

    Sample Relic:

    Shocking Setting of Tactics (Setting)

    • All critical
    • Will
    • Power

    Note: The LOTRO Systems team will decide on the final values assigned to all mods to assure balance and consistency within the system. These Unique Relics will be added to the game in the form of melding recipes and will be level 65 only.
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