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    Relic Maste Confusion

    Ok not a rant per se, but I just went to the updated relic master. I was only interested in de-conning a weapon so that went fine, but am I the only one thoroughly confused?

    I guess there must be a bit of a learning curve now. I have no idea what all the other tabs let you do, and thankfully I did not need to combine relics. Shards? Huh?

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    Re: Relic Maste Confusion

    You get shards one of two ways: critical success on a relic combine and using the Refining tab to melt down a relic for shards.

    Shards are used in the Melding tab to make things. You can turn one relic in to another of the same tier by Melding one you don't want and some shards to turn it in to the one you want. Take a few minutes to poke around on the Melding tab and mutate some Tier 1 relics from one type to another. It's cheap and you'll get an idea what I'm talking about. You can create special relics by melding three regular relics and some shards. Those are the level 55, 60, and 65 relics under the Tier 1-6 regular ones. You can also create non-relic things like Scrolls (stat, empowerment, delving) or unidentified LIs.

    Combining relics is the same, although the screen looks different now thanks to the drop down format and change in number of total tiers.
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