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    Kinship: Die Freien Voelker
    Leader: Ninariel
    Successor: Dogarr
    Officers: Obivanknobel, Nadilv, Naraiwe, Teutatis

    Recruitment: Since we are the last active german kinship on Dwarrowdelf we are looking for people who speak german. Alts are also welcome, we have good connections with other german speaking players from other kinships - some have alts in our kin, some don't.

    and we have our own small tribe on creepside:
    Tribe: Die Vollstrecker Mordors
    Leader: Uruklady
    Officers: Blodhound, Gozrog, Ongbakara
    Recruitment: At the moment we're most of the time on freepside, but still play creep occasionally. If you are interested contact us on freepside and we'll let you know when we have a date for creeping.

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    1 highspires st Thekksgrof

    An update will be coming soon

    I will be updating this list shortly, I do strongly apologize for being tardy in doing so, Had alot going on and that whole thing.

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    Return Of The King

    Leader: Wolsnogaid

    KP: http://returnoftheking.guildlaunch.com/
    Facebook: [url]http://www.facebook.com/ROTK.Dwarrodelf.Lotro.

    We are a rank 10 Kin with a website Ventrillo and were also on Facebook we encourage you to check out and fill out a short application and join us. We intend to do raids, skirmishes, and group activities and have allot of fun doing it. We are laid back bunch who just like to login & have fun and help each other out no matter what level. So if your interested visit us at http://www.returnoftheking.guildlaunc h.com or contact Wolsnogaid our fearless leader online!! & be sure to also check out our Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/ROTK.Dwarrodelf.Lotro.
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    Post A Light in the Darkness

    Leader: Flappyfeet
    Successor: Braanwyn

    Our kinship is a rank 10 Christian based kin who welcomes all fans of JRR to join with us in our adventures thru Middle Earth. We have members ranging from starter area lvl 1 to lvl 100. We have daily instance runs within kin and are in the works to begin setting up full Kin raids. We have no requirements to be a Christian, all we ask is that you respect one another and be helpful.
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    Want to join somebody

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    Active Kinships (2)

    Because we have two kinship strings......please forgive the redundancy.

    Out of curiosity...What is the status of the kins listed here? Active? Static? Dead?

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    would be really nice to know what kins are still active, was gone for a while, my former kin is gone, and im not an endgame player, so id like to find a kin where at least some alts are not capped yet. well... a list of kins would be great, and some info on them. all i can find on the web is like at least a year old info.

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    Im back. Ill update,a nd research over the next few days, Im getting ready for the server mergers hopefully this will not make things too difficult, Your always welcome in Massive Dynamics


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